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The team supporting the ACS Network is working to migrate the community to the new platform. This platform is different and you will see changes not only in how content is displayed, but how it is organized and even what it is called. Here are some of the changes: 


  • Content types are segregated so that instead of having a group or forum with multiple content types, we have either a category or a group hub with the following:
    • Discussion Forum - these are the same as discussion thread
    • Blog posts - same as in current community
    • TKB or Knowledge Base- a way to have documents
    • Ideas - same as current community. 
  • Instead of groups, we will have group hubs and these can have each of these content types, and we can provision different member to be a part of these. 

The ACS Network has been in place for more than 10 years and there was quite a bit of old content and some of the relevant content was hard to find. We've gone through much of the content and are getting rid of some, archiving others, and reorganizing the current content. We think we have come up with some classifications based on our current and future usage of the Network. This includes;


  • ACS Hub  is place will be where users can post general comments, start new topics, and get help with the Network and other ACS things. 
  • Component Groups is an area where local sections, technical divisions, and other subgroups of ACS will have spaces, i.e. group hubs. Some of these will be public areas which serve as communications (i.e. replacement for a basic website) while others are private areas for collaboration among executive committees and other groups within local sections, technical divisions, etc. 
  • Governance serves the members participating in the various committees and task forces of the Society. Most of these group hubs will be private and access to them limited. 
  • Resources contains resource related content that various groups need, such as logos, or information about digital tools, the ACS speaker service. Access to these may or may not be limited. 
  • Science holds content related about the science and may contain topics such as Green Chemistry, sustainability, and some meetings. 
  • Special Interests represent various interest groups within ACS, including staff, international, educators and students, and groups around various ACS programs. 


We recognize these might not be the best names nor will the organization be perfect, and so we may make adjustments as we learn more both before and after the launch on the new platform. Thanks for your patience.


Please feel free to ask questions in the comments!

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