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The team supporting the ACS Network is working to migrate the community to the new platform. This platform is different and you will see changes not only in how content is displayed, but how it is organized and even what it is called. Here are some of the changes: 


  • Content types are segregated so that instead of having a group or forum with multiple content types, we have either a category or a group hub with the following:
    • Discussion Forum - these are the same as discussion thread
    • Blog posts - same as in current community
    • TKB or Knowledge Base- a way to have documents
    • Ideas - same as current community. 
  • Instead of groups, we will have group hubs and these can have each of these content types, and we can provision different member to be a part of these. 

The ACS Network has been in place for more than 10 years and there was quite a bit of old content and some of the relevant content was hard to find. We've gone through much of the content and are getting rid of some, archiving others, and reorganizing the current content. We think we have come up with some classifications based on our current and future usage of the Network. This includes;


  • ACS Hub  is place will be where users can post general comments, start new topics, and get help with the Network and other ACS things. 
  • Component Groups is an area where local sections, technical divisions, and other subgroups of ACS will have spaces, i.e. group hubs. Some of these will be public areas which serve as communications (i.e. replacement for a basic website) while others are private areas for collaboration among executive committees and other groups within local sections, technical divisions, etc. 
  • Governance serves the members participating in the various committees and task forces of the Society. Most of these group hubs will be private and access to them limited. 
  • Resources contains resource related content that various groups need, such as logos, or information about digital tools, the ACS speaker service. Access to these may or may not be limited. 
  • Science holds content related about the science and may contain topics such as Green Chemistry, sustainability, and some meetings. 
  • Special Interests represent various interest groups within ACS, including staff, international, educators and students, and groups around various ACS programs. 


We recognize these might not be the best names nor will the organization be perfect, and so we may make adjustments as we learn more both before and after the launch on the new platform. Thanks for your patience.


Please feel free to ask questions in the comments!

With the migration of the ACS Network will come some changes in a user's profile. To be more specific, it was decided to eliminate the Curriculum Vitae (CV App) which collects users' experience, education, and publication history. 


Here is what mine looks like: 

We feel that things have changed and many people keep their CV information on other sites . For that reason, we will be adding a place to include a link to your LinkedIn profile to capture your education and experience, and a link to ORCID to allow you to display your publication history. 


You may wish to read more about ORCID  or LinkedIn


IF you have information in the CV app

The CV app created a document for each Education, Experience, and Publication entry that you have. We are still working through what to do with this content, but we anticipate that it will be available to you in some format. 


We recommend that you do not create additional entries at this time. 


We will let you know more about what profiles will look like in the near future. We encourage you to comment below if you have any questions. 

We are happy to announce that the ACS Network will be getting a major refresh this fall (October 2020).  This refresh will involve migrating to a new underlying platform. With this migration we will see changes both appearance and functionality.  We will be documenting the details of changes via this blog. 


What are some of these changes?

The new platform operates somewhat differently from the current one. With that, some functionality will work differently and some types of content will not be supported. We already know that profile information will change -- we will no longer support a curriculum vitae (CV). Instead, there will be a place to link to your profiles on both LinkedIn and ORCID. In addition, we also know that personal documents will also not be supported.  We will describe these and other differences in more detail in subsequent blog posts and documents. 


How are we preparing? 

The ACS Network team is assessing the content. Current groups and forums will be reorganized to help users find them more easily. Some groups/forums have not been updated in years and may be archived or deleted. We ask if you have a group or forum that needs to be kept active to let the team know. 


What you can do to help

If you own a group or forum, please take a look and see if it has current information, information that needs to be archived, or content that can be deleted. You can send us an email at 


To receive notification about future blog post, follow this blog, or check back every week. 

I just deleted about a dozen posts this morning that advertised a dietary supplement. I had deleted a few last week, but I discovered today that quite a few postings got by me. We usually have some technology to stop a lot of this. I changed a couple settings and hopefully we will no longer see these types of postings.


Why do they spam the ACS Network? These postings are usually an attempt to raise a product's standing in search. It has a lot to do with the number of links into a site.


Because these postings are obviousy spam, we are not notifying the user. We are taking full-blown action where their account and all their content (usually one post) is deleted.


If you happen to see spam, please report it as abuse. That action will mark the content for moderation and someone will delete or at least hide the content.  We want to keep the content on the ACS Network relevant to its users.  Thanks!

It has been about a month since the last upgrade of the ACS Network and we are still working a few of the bugs out. Here is an update as to what is outstanding:


  1. Email Digests: We are still trying to get our email digests to look like they come from the ACS. We realized that the return email address (Jive was showing, but we were able to change that to the ACS Network and today.  We are still working to get an ACS header and footer to appear in the email as well. 
  2. Photoalbums: As you may know, photoalbums  no longer exist in the Network. Instead, there will be photo collections which are associated with specific groups or forums. Anything in a photo album prior to the upgrade is still not showing (i.e. the photos are there but you can't get to them). Our development team is working on a process to expose them, but they are going slowly to make sure we get all the information needed in order to move them into the new photo collections. Some of that work may be manual, but we expect to start seeing these old photos soon.


The Curriculum Vitae (your list of publications, experience, and education) are still part of the profile but appear under the "More" menu.  The Edit ACS Profile, also under More, is where you would change your email address or opt out of the Network.



Finally, if you are a group owner/admin, check out New Feature - Bulk Manage Content


We appreciate your patience and support of the ACS Network as it evolves. This last upgrade involved some major changes in the background software, but we are confident it will be the best solution (for the time being). As always, let us know if you have questions or concerns.

The Committee on Corporation Associates provides funding for ACS Local Sections and International Chapters to promote industry-focused events at the local section and international chapter level.  Events such as job fairs with local chemical employers, résumé writing workshops, networking receptions, and panel discussions with industry leaders - benefit local section and international chapter members employed in industry.


Upon review and approval of submissions, Corporation Associates will fund up to $1,000 to help subsidize the costs associated with hosting these events.


To apply for the grant go to Local Section and International Chapter Grant Application


Deadline for submissions July 1 and winners be notified no later than September 15.

We've recently identified a bug that only occurs in Chrome when uploading files to the ACS Network.


When you go to create a file you should see a way to select a file. In other browsers, selecting "Click on a link to select a file"



In other browsers, you see a window with which to select your files:


In Chrome, this window does not come up. It is a tricky problem that we have not been able to pinpoint.  The work around is that you open a window showing your files and drag and drop them into this space, or use a different browser.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will continue trying to understand this issue.





We are getting reports of users not being able to login on the ACS Network. When you log in on or on, you get pushed to the SSO-error.jsp page  which asks you opt in or check your opt-in status. You are already opted in, so you get caught in a loop. It is my understanding that it doesn't help to try and reset your opt-in status as per (Login Issue - What to do if the ACS Network doesn't recognize you.)


If you are having this problem, please try the following:

  • For Firefox, open a "New Private Window" (access through menu on the right)
  • For Chrome, open a "New Incognito Window"  (shift-ctrl-N on Windows)

In many cases, this will allow you to login. Sometimes just using a different browser will work as well.


It appears that not everyone is experiencing this issue, but recognize it is very frustrating for who do. Please feel free to comment below as any input from users helps us better diagnose the problem. We are working with our technical team to remedy this issue.


Thanks for your patience.

Christine Schmidt



We have identified a problem with the CV app. If you go to another user's profile, you can see their 'Education". If you click on the tabs to navigate to their Experience or Publications, You will see an error -- a red bar and nothing will happen.


You can access their Experience or Publication by replacing "education" in the URL with "experience"  or "publication" . You can also search  or browse for this content by t going to "browse" in the top nav or searching for that particular user.


We are working on fixing this issue as soon as we can.


Thanks for your patience.

With the upgrade comes new functionality. In playing around, I found this new piece that may be helpful to members of this community.


When you have a  private group, you may share share content with users outside of this private group. (This does not work for secret groups or forums.)


To do this within a group, go to Manage, then Settings:



Select on "About"



Then under "Extend Visibility", check the box next to "Non-Member Content Editing".




From this point, when you attempt to share content with a user who is not a member of the group, you will see this menu.



Any member of the group can see for each document who has access outside of the group and revoke that access.



With the end of 2015, the ACS Network has been upgraded


The primary changes to this upgrade are primarily to the header and navigation. In addition to updating the visual design to better match that of, the navigational elements have been significantly simplified. This and some of the other changes may help the ACS Network be more mobile friendly.


Specifically the changes include the following:


  • We have eliminated the links and mega-menus for the upper level forums. They can now be found in a pulldown under Forums.


  • There is now a "News" page which is where you can see your activity streams as well as streams for Top & Trending Content and Most Recent Content. This is where you would find any custom streams you may have set up previously.


  • Messages, which include your Inbox, Moderation, and Actions are accessed through the alert icon (yellow circle with number) beside your name in the upper left.
    • New to this area is a page called "Your View" which allows you to customize a page with content you want such as, Key Content and Places (groups or forums), Trending Content, Latest Blog Entries.
  • The upper right hand corner changes when the user logs in. This is where you can create a link, access an app, go to your inbox, and see your personal menu.


  • The personal menu (the pulldown that appears when you click on your name in the upper right hand part of the page) has been updated to include links to Your Content and Your Places. You will need to go to your profile to see your Contacts.

For Group Owners:

If you own or manage a group, you should check the group to see how it displays.  You may want to change the header to a more appropriate background and change the text so that it is more legible. We have found that titles on some groups and forums can no longer be read. 


The navigation for the widgets has also been changed so that you may no longer need to display the Activity widget. 



Why do we upgrade the Network?

This upgrade is partly driven by the fact that the ACS Network resides on licensed software provided by Jive Software. They require their users to upgrade on a regular basis so that support for the platform can be maintained. If you have been on the Network for any amount of time, the upgrades occur approximately every 18 months or so. Upgrading on a regular basis also gives us access to new and evolving functionality and provides our users with an ever-improving experience.


In an effort to make the upgrades cost-effective and more nimble, the ACS Network reflects much of the functionality and navigational layouts provided by Jive. Customizations (i.e. changes to the functionality of the platform) are resource expensive and often interfere with current and functionality, so we try to leverage the platform's native capabilities and limit the customizations as Jive is continually updating its platform.

As part of the recent upgrade of the ACS Network, you may notice some significant changes to your profile.


The first change is the appearance of your profile. You will notice a very significant layout change which presents the most important information about you.



As a way to improve the Network, we have created a new Curriculum Vitae app, which allows us to group these three types of content together in way that make sense. This customization allows our users to better build out their online CV which was the one of the original intents of the ACS Network. Having the CV app separate from the profile also results in some efficiencies as we continue to updgrade the Network.


You can access the Curriculum Vitae from your main profile page:


It can also be accessed through several other places including the personal pulldown menu which appears when you click on your name in the upper left corner of the page and under the Apps menu.


In order to put this new application in place, we had to migrate all of the old education, experience, and publications data. You may have noticed that your education, experience, and publication data may have been updated or that you received notifications of profile updates for users that follow. This was an automated process and should not have changed any of the data.

On Friday, August 22, starting at noon EDT, the ACS Network will be unavailable as we upgrade the system.  We believe that the Network will be unavailable most of the afternoon.  We appreciate your support and patience as we work to continue to improve this platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we upgrading?

The ACS Network is on a licensed platform from Jive Software. With the evolution of social collaboration tools, Jive is constantly updating their software. In order to maintain support, we are required to upgrade.


What are the major changes we will see with the upgrade?

The biggest change we will see with this upgrade are in the profiles. The entire layout has been updated to display more relevent information. 


In addition, your education, experience, and publications information has been moved into an online curriculum vitae.  We are excited to present your content this way and feel it is a significant improvement. You may access your curriculum vitae or that of any other user by going to that user's profile page. This functionality may not be available immediately after we finish the upgrade but should be fully in place by Monday, August 25. 


Is anything going away?

As the ACS Network and the platform that supports it matures, we have found that very few people use "My Links".  This functionality will disappear with the upgrade.


What other new things will I see?

You may notice other changes in functionality.


  • All Groups and Forums will now be able to have an image at the top of their Overview pages. The default is a red image but can be changed out by the group owners.  There is a library of images and colors, or a custom image may be updated. Owner should know that the system will overlay a grey gradient on top of a custom image to make sure the group navigation is legible.


  • A new social sharebar for sharing content on social sites.


  • Apps and Projects are now both available. Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to use them.


Anything else I should keep in mind?


We think this is an improvement to the ACS Network but we also know that software this complex may have new bugs.  We encourage you to ask questions or report issues in our Help Forum.

As many of you may have noticed, the ACS Network has been getting hit by spammers who are posting links about movies or other products unrelated to our community. ACS staff are constantly monitoring to find and remove this in appropriate content as quickly as possible.  We have also begun moderating more content, so sometime content you are posting will need to be approved.


What can you do to help?

First, be patient if your content is moderated. We're working to improve how we moderate content, but we have some limitations.

Second, if you see spam, you are welcome to let us know.  At this point in time, it is probably easiest to post a link to the content as a comment to this post.  We'll see if there is a better way in the future.


Thanks for all your help as we make the ACS Network a better community.

As many of you may have seen, we have a little checkbox on the login page which says "Remember Me'. All of us, myself included, expect that the system will keep me logged in.  For the most part, the system remembers who I am from day to day.  But there are times when I seem to get logged out.


So here is what we think is happening in very basic terms:

  • If you close your browser, the system will remember who you are from day-to-day if you have checked "Remember Me".
  • If you leave your browser open during the day while you are working, you will eventually be logged out, regardless of whether you selected "Remember Me".


We have discovered there is a setting that tells the system to log you out if you are inactive for a time period. We will try extending that time period so that the other system which contains the "Remember Me" instructions will work.


We ask that you be patient and know that we're getting much closer to figuring out how to make this work properly.  

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