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  • ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable Gets the Conversation Going on Green Chemistry Adoption in Med Chem

    At this year’s Spring ACS National Meeting in Dallas, TX, Callie Bryan, PhD, a medicinal chemist at Genentech Inc. and ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable participant, organized a “Greening the Medicinal Che...
    Savannah Sullivan
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  • hello my name is Paul, i have a question maybe you can help me with?

    I have a candy product im working on, that i would like to incorporate liquid b vitamins into , the candy has to be heated to 300 degrees, is this too hot for the vitamins, what temp is the melting point possibly?
    paul brown
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  • PressPac: Avoiding water wars between ‘fracking’ industry and residents

    Here’s an item from this week’s PressPac that we thought you’d enjoy. The PressPac features summaries of articles appearing in our peer-reviewed journals and Chemical & Engineering News. To get t...
    Christine Suh
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  • Newbie question: can a chemical be available in oil and water soluble forms?

    I am researching a chemical "tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate" for a DIY skin care product and found multiple versions of this ingredient:   - Liquid form, oil-soluble - Powder form, oil-soluble - Powder form, water-...
    Fanny Phan
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  • Discusses The Wave Ring Structure of The Atoms And Molecules.doc

    chemical molecular structure of the new theory
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  • Online Curriculum Coordinator & STEM Education Specialist

    Quality Matters Engaging Learning Activities: Increasing Student Interactions (WCLA) Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning: Meeting Student Needs (WCUD) Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) ...
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  • Adjunct Instructor/Course Designer

    Position - 100% remote Designed/developed online introductory chemistry course with online lecture and laboratory. Blackboard Learn Teach students how to use Google Sites/Docs for writing lab reports YouTube ...
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  • Contract Designer

    Position - 100% remote Responsible for migrating QW1 from MyQuantway.org to the NovoEd platform. This includes but is not limited to: Migrating lesson content - PNL's, OCE's, and in class lesson materials for ea...
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  • Adjunct Instructor

    Taught two sections of CIS 101: Computer Applications
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  • Adjunct Instructor

    Responsible for teaching introductory and principles of chemistry labs. Responsible for teaching introductory chemistry lecture and lab in 5 weeks.
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  • Web Development & Design Certificate

    From UCIrvine Extension Web Development with HTML JavaScript Programming Web Graphics and Photo Editing with Photoshop New Media Tools and Technology Designing and Developing Web Content Creating Web Appl...
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  • Innovative Educators Advanced Studies Certificate

    Required Courses Intro Innovative Educators - CITEC-900 Innovative Pedagogies - CITEC-901 Google/YouTube in Classroom - CITEC-902 LdngEdge: Online/Blend Teacher - CITEC-903 Mobile Learning - CITEC-904 In...
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  • Advanced Web & Interaction Design Certificate

    From UCLAx   Required Courses Web Design II: JavaScript and jQuery User Experience I HTML5 Electives CSS I for Designers CSS II for Designers Illustrator II Photoshop II
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  • Design Communication Arts Certificate

    From UCLAx   Required Courses Design Fundamentals Color Methodologies Typography Design History and Context Design II: Collateral and Corporate Communication Icons, Logo, and Logotype Design Dra...
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  • Social Media Specialized Award

    From UC Irvine Extension: Social Media and Web 2.0 Essentials and Possibilities: An Overview of the Tools and Business Objectives Social Media: Measurement & Evaluation Social Media: Audience Profiling and ...
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  • Thinking about San Fran gives me butterflies...

    Earth Day is Aprill 22. It is a national day of reflection on sustainability and the environment. But the spirit of Earth Day does not have to end on April 22. Join us this August in San Francisco for the ACS National...
    Professor Molenium
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  • Young Investigators' Panel Profiles

    Julie Albert, Ph.D. Julie Nicole Lawson Albert grew up in Tallahassee, Florida, capital city of the Sunshine state. In 2005, she graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Florida with her B.S. in Chemical Engin...
    Laurie Smith
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  • A perfect continiuum for the wave function

    In my past blog "Heat transfer faster than light", I have introduced the situation in which if we set up a rectangular initial temperature distribution in a one dimensional thermal conductor that is insulated from the...
    Mitsuru Yamada
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  • Schroedinger equation for a photon?

    We have Schroedinger equation for an electron in a hydrogen atom. Do we have Schroedinger equation for a photon? Is it possible for us to imagine a Schroedinger equation for a photon?
    Mitsuru Yamada
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