• Any scope for Canadian -?

    Any scope for Canadian -Indian or Canadian Australian or Canadian German  ..wrt call for proposals ? Usha Thiyam
    Usha Thiyam-Hollander
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  • Game Changing Green Technology for Textile/Apparel Industries OXI FRESH- No Wash,Save the Water

    With the worldwide water shortage becoming a larger and more pressing, costly problem on a daily basis, the time has come to conserve and preserve that life sustaining resource. Quick-Med Technologies,Inc. Has develop...
    David Lerner
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  • 3D tumor spheroids more accurate model for cancer research than conventional 2D

    In addition to polymer products, Akina, Inc. also offers thermogelling matrices for growth of cells in 3-dimensional structures under the brand-name 3DCellMaker (www.3dcellmaker.com). 3D tumor models present many adva...
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  • solvent ratio for winterization

    I make ejuice using real tobacco, the process involves maceration in propylene glycol followed by filtration, the problem is that it gunks up the coils when used, presumably from waxes and sugars inherent to the plant...
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  • PEG-PLGA polymers used for ultrasound/fluorescent/MRI contrast agent delivery

    PolySciTech (www.polyscitech.com) provides a wide array of biodegradable block copolymers such as PEG-PLGA. Recetnly these types of polymers have been used to deliver superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles and flu...
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  • Should water filters be hydrophilic or hydrophobic

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    Water filter membranes and the surfaces that trap material but allow water to pass through, do these need to be hydrophilic or hydrophobic?
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  • SERMACS01 Current Award Winners RG 082615.xlsx

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  • Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund

    There is a call of proposal under Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund under given below priority areas   Food and agribusiness  Biotechnological interventions for improved agricultural productivity targeting fo...
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  • Sustainable Chemistry Conference in Berlin, Sept 24 & 25

    Anyone planning on going?  http://www.umweltbundesamt.de/en/topics/chemicals/chemicals-management/sustainab le-chemistry/sustainable-chemistry-conference-2015-start
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  • GreenCentre Partners with Princeton University to Bring Catalyst Innovations to Market

    KINGSTON, ONT. (August 25, 2015) — GreenCentre Canada and the Princeton University Office of Technology Licensing are pleased to announce a unique agreement to accelerate the commercialization of novel catalysts...
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  • Sustainability for Water Systems

    My son, Tom, prepared this slide presentation for the March 29, 2011 annual meeting of the Missouri Section, American Water Works Association. Although specific to the waterworks industry, many ACS members focussing o...
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  • PolySciTech PLGA used for anti-HIV drug delivery by electrospun scaffold

    PolySciTech (www.polyscitech.com) provides a wide array of biodegradable polymer products including PLGA. Recently, researchers at the University of Washington have focused their efforts on generating an electrospun s...
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  • Energy Research Internship

    I'm currently a sophomore and chemistry major at UC Berkeley really interested in conducting energy research and studying renewable fuels and energy.  What summer/winter research/internship opportunities are perf...
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  • ACS ChemLuminary Award for Regional Meetings 2015aug25.docx

    ACS ChemLuminary Award for Regional Meetings 2015aug25
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  • New Fluorescent dye conjugated block copolymers available from PolySciTech

    PolySciTech (www.polyscitech.com) provides a wide array of biodegradable block copolymers including fluorescently conjugated block copolymers. These types of polymers are particularly useful for researchers who are pe...
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  • I am looking for people to test an acid-base equilibrium app for iPhone and iPad.  A description can be found at  http://www.tahosa.us/Equiligraph/Equiligraph/Titration_App.html

    The app is based on the old 'Equilligraph' graphical methods. It combines graphs with numerical results.   It is in beta test now, and I am looking for people to beta test it and provide feed back     ...
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  • PolySciTech PLGA-Fluorescein used for nanoparticle tracking and cellular uptake assay

    PolySciTech (www.polyscitech.com) provides a wide variety of biodegradable research polymers. These include fluorescently conjugated PLGA to assist in imaging nanoparticles and other polymer structures by microscopy a...
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  • Technology Leader at GreenCentre Canada in Kingston, ON

    http://www.greencentrecanada.com/files/Technology%20Leader%2007_24_15.pdf   Technology Leader     Roles and Responsibilities The Technology Leader is accountable for driving GreenCentre technical work f...
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  • Conocer las  moléculas quirales en los medicamentos

        Unos de los grandes problemas que el químico orgánico debe afrontar es el relacionado con la síntesis de productos con uno o varios centros quirales.     Entre ...
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  • August 19, 2015 -- Public Outreach

    Chemistry and The Scourge of Plutonium Pollution
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