• Program in a box: Chemistry of sports

    3 votes
    ACS has a "meeting in a box" which is a live stream event. It includes interactive materials for the meeting. Would the UoM, Rhodes CBU and LeMoyne Owen College be interested in holding a joint meeting on Feb 21st 6pm...
    Hilaire Barch
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  • Training on basic usage

    4 votes
    Seems like some people would like to cover the basics
    Jeff Ritter
    created by Jeff Ritter
  • Optically Converging and Enhancing Engineered Polymer (OCEP)

    2 votes
    The Optically Converging and Enhancing Engineered Polymer : OCEP is a specifically designed polymer film molded in the form of Screen guard/protector, which when applied to a LED/LCD Screen increases the brightness of...
    Navdeep Kumar
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  • Interesting Event/Activity Sites

    0 votes
    I recently came across these tow sites that may be of interest to the group. One is the World Ophthalmology Congress® 2014 Tokyo [WOC2014 Tokyo]  which I found to be nicely designed, easy to navigate and ...
    Shawn Torres
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  • cooperation

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    Dear ACS Members, Our Consortium which included 13 partners (9 partners from MS countries (Czech, France. Germany and Spain) and 4 partners from ICCP countries (Armenia. Russia. Ukraine and Uzbekistan) selected fo...
    Armen Avagyan
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