• Green Chemistry for younger children in Harlem, NYC

    Hello all,   I am the director of a democratic school in Harlem, NYC, where the children have started learning about Chemistry at the age of 4. This did not happen because we imposed it on them but because they...
    Maysaa Bazna
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    Senior Chemists Committee 2019 Mini-Grant Program for Local Sections Deadline is May 31, 2019   Dear Local Section Officers, The ACS Senior Chemists Committee (SCC) is offering a limited number of grants to local...
    Semora Smith
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  • Purchasing ICPE for Metals Analysis

    Hello everyone,   I work at ASU. My lab is working on purchasing a very expensive ICP for metals analysis. I'm finding at a technical level it appears that brands Shimadzu and Agilent are very similar in capabil...
    Sarah Arrowsmith
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    In my career I used computers, industrial printers.  In that time I saw many co-workers afflicted with various types of cancers, actually watched 2 co-workers (female) pass at our Regional Hospice.  I KNOW L...
    Carol Tittman
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  • Can chemists shift discussions from "global" to "biosphere?"

    Greetings fellow Senior Chemists,      It's no wonder that earth's biosphere has been likened to the skin of an apple.  The biosphere, where all known life exists on earth, is limited to the ...
    Kelly Moran
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  • IYPT and upcoming San Diego national meeting

    Given that 2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table (IYPT) are any linkages of technical and associated programming at the fall national meeting in San Diego being coordinated?
  • Editing documents (NOT commenting)

    Is there a way to update documents already posted to a group?  For example, it's great to use my ACS LS group to archive project files, but it seems the only way to truly open the file is to download it, then edi...
    Sarah Mullins
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  • Concern About "at-meeting" discount for Renewal

    Dear Councilors and other ACS Members,   I would like to draw your attention  to something that came as something of a shock to me.  At the 256 ACS national meeting in Boston, the "ACS member lounge" n...
    Aditya Savara
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  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the ACS Senior Chemists Community! Whether you are a member of the Senior Chemists Committee (SCC), ACS staff who are curious about what we are discussing, or an ACS member of any age, you are all invited t...
    Arlene Garrison
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  • Lighting up the Periodic Table: Celebrating IYPT 2019

    The project started a few years ago when copernicium and two other synthetic elements were confirmed by IUPAC and added to the Periodic Table after years of it being unchanged. This got me really excited and after cel...
    Andres Tretiakov
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    A few years ago, I started to make my own element blocks with the goal of building the periodic table one block at a time. I know it will take some time and I will be missing samples for quite a few of them but I will...
    Andres Tretiakov
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  • Applications Chemist/Engineer Opportunity

    Do you have intrinsic curiosity about the world around you?     We’re looking for co-op, intern, or full time chemist/engineer for the Support Team, which works to ensure that customers succeed throu...
    Brooke Campbell
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  • Clinoptilolites and zeolites used as toxin and contaminent removals in open market

    Hello and Happy Holidays to Everyone, There is currently a move to sell these nano-caged structures as body cleansers. An example is Advanced TRS by Coseva. My concerns are the aluminum decontamination at the end of...
    Kioumars Jelveh
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  • Looking some assesoration to my experimental research work.

    Hello, My name is Manuel, I'm making a experimental research work to my college, and finally go to the University to study chemistry. My research it's about the quality of water in my comunity, Join with a chemist of ...
    Manuel Golindano
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  • US Space Force - An Opportunity For New Chemistry?

    With the Trump Administration moving forward with a new Military Force to protect US interests in outer space, will this create opportunities for chemistry research and advanced technologies?  The obvious plan is...
    James Chao
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  • How can senior chemists support local section activities?

    Recognizing that senior chemists already do a lot for local section leadership, still there is much more that our senior members can do for you?  Also senior members have special needs.  What are seniors doi...
    William Suits
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  • The Newsletter for Senior Chemists - May 2017

    Dear Group Members,   Here's the May 2017 issue of The Newsletter for Senior Chemists. We hope you will enjoy this issue. Please share your thoughts at seniorchemists@acs.org. Have a wonderful day!   ACS ...
    Semora Smith
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  • New SCC Committee Members promoting Our ACS Network Presence

    I would like to welcome the new volunteers as of the 2017 Spring National Meeting in San Francisco who agreed to initiate and post replies here on our Senior Chemists Forum on the ACS Network.   They are Kelly M...
    James Chao
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  • Request for Local Section Senior Chemists Committees to Describe Their Successful Events

    Please share some of the most successful SCC events held at your local sections.  This will allow others to consider creating their own events patterned after the best ones. Similarly, if you would like to comme...
    James Chao
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  • For Discussion: Science and the Liberal Arts

    Science and the Liberal Arts Submitted for discussion by Don Clarke, Senior Chemists Committee Member   A traditional liberal arts education emphasizes the humanities, and many educational institutions in the ...
    Semora Smith
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