• Do you miss "discussing business" with SCHB members?

    New Benefit for SCHB Members Are you missing the opportunity to "discuss business" with your SCHB colleagues, due to the cancellation of the Philadelphia meeting? SCHB wants to keep its members engaged, in spite of th...
    Joseph Sabol
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  • What is this chemical reaction?

    Maple sap boiled for 20 minutes, cooled and placed in rinsed gallon bleach container turns thick and slightly cloudy.  Note:  additional data, gallon from same cook placed in food grade container at the same...
    Lisa Pastorell
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  • How does cast iron transfer iron to meat?

    Hi,   As an engineer, I like to have scientifically accurate answers to my questions.  As a mechanical engineer, I have very little knowledge about chemistry.  So, it appears that I am asking for a pre...
    Greg Schilling
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  • Best Practices for Working Remotely

    Now that many of us have now been instructed to work from home, we are challenged on how to be effective and efficient.  Space; With my husband also working from home, I have had to find a place separate from hi...
    Christine Brennan Schmidt
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  • Programming topics

    Use this discussion to suggest programming topics aligned to the Fall 2021 meeting theme of resilience and reach out to other divisions and committees to establish collaborations!
    Joseph Pickel
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  • How Big is the Chemistry Market

    Hello everyone, we are looking for data and want to study the market, But for this, we need to understand the market for future growth and it's the customer who is really interested? So I would love to have info on th...
    Straits Research
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  • Introduction to Pharmaceutical Chemistry

    Pharmaceutical chemistry is the study of drugs, and it involves drug development. This includes drug discovery, delivery, absorption, metabolism, and more. There are elements of biomedical analysis, pharmacology, phar...
    Alex Dean
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  • Great Books in chemistry

    The Senior chemists email inbox got the following question - who do you consider the great books and authors in chemistry? Re ply here and start a discussion, or email Ryan Kenney directly at the email below the more ...
    Arlene Garrison
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  • Let's Celebrate Women in Chemistry!

    March is Women's History Month, and it's a great opportunity to Celebrate a woman chemist! Check it out at https://cen.acs.org/sponsored-content/pfizer-women-in-chemistry-2020.html . March starts tomorrow and a ...
    Arlene Garrison
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  • Job Posting: Assistant Professor of Chemistry

    Gulf Coast State College invites applications for a full-time tenure track faculty position as Assistant Professor of Chemistry beginning in August 2020.     Click on the link below for more information. G...
    Akiko Nakamura
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  • Job Posting: Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Gulf Coast State College

    Gulf Coast State College invites applications for a full-time tenure track faculty position as Assistant Professor of Chemistry beginning in August 2020.     Click on the link below for more information. G...
    Akiko Nakamura
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  • Networking with Instructional Lab Coordinators/Managers

    Hi, I'm a senior Lab Coordinator for the general chemistry instructional labs program and am looking to network with other lab managers and coordinators at more specifically at the university level (but all in the edu...
    Michelle Near
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  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry position for 2020-2021

    University of Mary Washington Applicant Portal | Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry    The Department of Chemistry at the University of Mary Washington invites applications for a one-year term positi...
    Janet Asper
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  • Nuclear Power Feasability

      It would be great if you could investigate this solution to help the environment using existing technology.  The solution idea is based on using nuclear power. The radioactive waste from the nuclear p...
    Paul Gatschene
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  • How does the structure of Dichlorodifluoromethane determine function?

    It's a relatively simple question but I can't find anything relating to it. I'm a high schooler so I don't have the chem knowledge to help me out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Suzie Krauss
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  • Want to add something to a spreadsheet? Leave your suggestions here!

    These spreadsheets are compilations of resources that component groups in the past have found to be of value. If you have your own resources that you would like to share with others, please let us know and we may add ...
    Jamie Heinrich
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  • Senior Chemists Breakfast featuring Max Zahniser on March 24 in Philadelphia!

    On Tuesday, March 24 at 7:30 a.m., we will have the Senior Chemists Breakfast during the ACS Spring National Meeting in Philadelphia, PA at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown Hotel, Salon B-D. The keynote speaker...
    Semora Smith
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  • Senior Chemists' Journeys, Science History Tours, and People with Unique Abilities

    ACS Senior Chemists members,   If you haven't done so already, here's another opportunity for you to take a look at The Newsletter for Senior Chemists. Review articles on exciting journeys, activities from ...
    Semora Smith
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  • Water purification by banana peels

    I am studying chemistry bachelor and now I am searching for mentor who can help me in purifying water with banana peels.Is anybody who can help? I won several awards when I studied in highschool. I live in Iran and ...
    Hasti Shekaryar
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  • Elevator Speech

    All received input has been included in the document.  Please begin the editing process.   Version 3 Division of Business Development & Management focuses on the business of chemistry, rather than a di...
    Dawn Mason
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