• Mixing acids

    I'm looking to find out what reaction if any occurs when the following reagents are combined: •             60% (w/w) Nitric Acid add to 32% (w/w)...
    Darsh Dhonsi
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  • Do ionized surfactants dissolved in water bind to odors in air when sprayed?

    I'm wondering if you use a spray bottle, not an aerosol can, to spray a cleaner containing mostly water and ionized surfactants into the air, will this remove odors from the air? I know things like Febreze and baking ...
    Lisa Young
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  • what ingredient is harmful to mix with hydrogen peroxide for external use on body??

    what ingredient is harmful to mix with hydrogen peroxide for external use on body?
    devorah first
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  • Will Si3d and SiO2 cause rust if it comes in contact with untreated metal?

    I recently had a ceramic coat (sid3 and sio2) put on my car. Unfortunately the installer and myself missed a rock chip on my car before putting the coating on. The rock chip is to the metal on the car.    W...
    Lawrence Raymond
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  • If I add a solution of salt to sorbic acid will I create sodium sorbate?

    Looking for way to create sodium sorbate from sorbic acid.
    Jason Thompson
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  • Glycol water additive to increase surface tension

    Is there an additive that can be added to a glycol water solution to increase surface tension so that it will bead off metal surfaces?
    Darren Lamothe
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  • Possible combinatorial ctructure of basic estrogen with hexestrol please?

    Can anyone provide advanced details of possibly how the basic estrogen structure could combine with the metabolie hexestrol please? Thank you 11th July 2019 Dr Shane Lawrence University of Cambridge & Senstech...
    Shane Lawrence
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  • Redox Reaction in Oxygen Indication with Methylene Blue or Other Dyes

    I would like to know if I can calibrate a redox reaction similar to "The Blue Bottle Experiment", meaning that the methylene blue or other dyes used will only turn blue in high concetrations of oxygen. Could i do this...
    Byron Williams
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  • Removing tin from tin plated cast iron

    Hi,   I've been searching high and low and have not been able to come up with a conclusive answer to this issue. I have an antique meat grinder that is of cast iron construction and was originally "tinned"....
    Peyton M
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  • Polymer Chemistry Textbook recommendations

    I am looking for recommendations for books on polymer chemistry.  I have a BS in Chem and recently started working for a company that makes nail care cosmetics, which is all polymer-based.  I would like to l...
    Jessica Posio
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  • Diving into Polymer Chemistry, help!!

    So a new project at work has started.  My boss is having me work on making a flexible but durable substrate for use with product testing.  She wants me to make a crosslinked polymer that will have these prop...
    Jessica Posio
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  • BeBaSO4

    Weird question, but has anyone found a use for the compound BeBaSO4. Even stranger, I had a dream where two nurses administered a drug via an IV from a bag with BeBaSO4 printed on the label. Just curious.
    Aron Anderson
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  • How can I well dispose my Adiabatic Super-Fuel System(ASFS)?

    The "diabatic" negantropy on the part of rocket fuels with semi-topologized lattices in vertex position to  the component inorganic atoms are, in my design, sheeted away from those energy levels in which time arr...
    Pooria Solhjoo
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  • Skin on fingers only turning black using well water with high iron content

    I notice when I do the dishes or clean the kitchen or bathroom that my fingers and cuticles and beneath my nails turn black, almost like blackberry staining, except it just seems to be in the skin grooves. I look like...
    Jody N
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  • Chlorine Gas and Feldspars

    Hello   Does Chlorine Gas react with K-Feldspar? If so, what is the reaction like (reaction conditions, rates, safety), and what are the products? Can it form useful potassium compounds (eg K-fertilisers)?
    Daniel Loudon
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  • Muriatic Acid turned my rock black

    I use muriatic acid to clean fossils with.  Yesterday one turned completely black and has a somewhat metallic feel to it.  Why would this particular fossil turn black?  Most of the fossils in my area ar...
    Leroy Brown
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  • Questions about the process of making dark chocolate

    Hi, my name is Nicole and I am a junior in high school in my first chemistry class. For my final project, I am making dark chocolate from scratch. I am planning on making dark chocolate using cocoa powder, honey, vani...
    Nicole O
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  • Is it safe to use acetone to clean a concrete garage floor?

    I purchased a house that has a garage floor that is soaked with car chemic#als. It looks like a car mechanic worked in the garage and just let everything spill on the floor for 30 years and never attempted to clean up...
    Ann Smith
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  • Enzymes to Clean Pollution

    I was reading recently about environmental remediation being done, using an esterase to break down / neutralize cocaine that had contaminated waterways in Europe. Are there similar enzymes that can be used to safely b...
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  • Getting into the chemistry without a formal "job" experience?

    Hello,    I am looking to be connected with mentors in the chemistry/biochemistry area.    Presently, I am working in the R&D sector, however I would like to acquire more hands on chemis...
    Sheik Salma
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