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    Welcome to the ACS Senior Chemists Community! Whether you are a member of the Senior Chemists Committee (SCC), ACS staff who are curious about what we are discussing, or an ACS member of any age, you are all invited t...
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  • mPEG-PLGA from PolySciTech used in Development of Microwave Manufacturing Technique for Chemotherapeutic-Loaded Nanoparticles

    Have you ever looked at a microwave oven and wondered if it could be used to manufacture nanoparticles? Microwave electromagnetic radiation generates heat by vibrating the molecules of whatever is placed within range....
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  • Web Hosting Options

    This list includes suggestions to get you started as you search for web hosting services. It isn't comprehensive, and offerings may have changed since details were collected. Please contact the vendors for current det...
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  • Getting Started

    These articles can help you start planning and building your website. You'll find information and advice about website hosting, designing your site, and examples of effective pages and content.      T...
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  • ACS FORMS is down -- for maintenance?

    It's Annual Report season, and FORMS is down this evening (Monday 21 January 2019).  The URL returns a 404 NOT FOUND error.   It would be nice if a schedule of planned down times could be posted here (or so...
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  • Liubov Lokot Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/liubov-lokot-94379a107, DOI: https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.7593878.v1

    Quantum Spin Hall effects are shown to be related with intraband transitions of bulk GaN. In the framework of the effective mass theories we have solved the Schrödinger equation if the topological insulator trans...
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  • Mechanism of Aging and Anti-aging Strategies

    Being immortal is a pursuit that can be traced back to millenniums ago. So far, although scientists have done a lot of researches in the field of aging, the mechanism of aging still haven’t been made clear. It w...
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  • LION LBD: a Literature-Based Discovery System for Cancer Biology

    New AI system is expected to accelerate scientists' research in the field of cancer.   Recently, a research report was published in the international magazine Bioinformatics. Scientists from the University of Ca...
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  • Research Progress on Hippo Signaling Pathway

    The Hippo pathway is a kinase chain consisting of a series of protein kinases and transcription factors. From lower animals to higher animals, the Hippo signaling pathway is highly conserved, and this signaling pathwa...
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  • An Open Letter to the Chemists.doc

    Chemical theoretical innovation
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  • Why have you joined this group?

    Whether it's to meet new people or exchange ideas with colleagues, we want to know the  primary reason you joined this group.
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  • Is there an end to the periodic table?هل توجد نهايةٌ للجدول الدوري؟

    هل توجد نهايةٌ للجدول الدوري؟ Is there an end to the periodic table? MSU professor explores its limits June 8, 2018, Michigan State Universityد  فيتيك نازاريفيتش       Dr. Witold (...
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  • Successful Women in Chemistry -Iraq-2018

    Workshop on “Successful Women in Chemistry” 24 December 2018 By supporting from ACS Global Innovation Grant (GIG), ACS-Iraq chapter, Iraqi Chemical Society and Al—Nahrain University are collaborated ...
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  • ACS GCCE Chemical Society Capacity Building Workshop  14-18 October, 2018

    The American Chemical Society facilitated the 2th ACS GCCE Chemical Society Capacity Building Workshop, which was hosted by the ACS International Chemical Sciences Chapter of the Malaysia at the Hotel: Le Meridien Ku...
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  • Antioxidant Activity

    In the calculation for IC50 of antioxidant Activity, is it possible to have negative values for the % inhibitory activity.
  • possible ENVR funding

    Joe,  Are you still a go-to person for your upcoming regional meeting?  I am the ENVR Division person who is trying to connect with the regions for their regional meeting, to offer your folks $500, if you ca...
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  • PLGA from PolySciTech used in study on nanoparticle/microparticle interactions with immune cells

    The human immune system does a spectacular job at attacking and destroying anything which is deemed (from a biochemical standpoint) to be ‘non-self’ in nature. In the case of bacterial or viral infection, ...
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  • PLGA from PolySciTech used in development of nanoparticle-based antisense oligonucleotide delivery system

    Antisense oligonucleotides (AS)=O) are synthetic polymers that are short-chain derivatives of DNA or RNA. They can potentially be applied to treating a wide range of diseases by blocking or modifying the synthesis of ...
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  • Please help! Looking for help to help everyone else!

    Hello chemistry community!   I have a quick question, I am working on a school project, and I am looking to figure out what metals (Ideally the top 3) are the most heat conductive and cheap to manufacture? I am ...
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  • Metallic oil and water hourglass?

    So for the first time in a long time I ran out of money just before a gift exchange I completely forgot about. Friend suggested I make something. I like making things! Buuut they're never simple. So I dug out allll th...
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