• An Open Letter to the Chemists.doc

    Chemical theoretical innovation
    Ruishi Fang
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  • Can sunlight chemically turn CBD into THC

    A colleague stated he left A bottle of CBD (cannabinoid) on a sunny windowsill and he experienced the effects of THC? Possible? How if no acid added, merely sun.
    Bo DeLuca
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  • 元素周期表.XlSX (55.5KB) X   Periodic table of the innovation

    Chemical Element ZXY Axis Electronic Arrangement Table Tabulation principle: Please refer to the ACS network "An open letter to chemists "
    Ruishi Fang
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  • My desire

    My desire I hope someone study wave ring theory,( An Open Letter to the chemists-- ACS network --Science.) The nature of chemical bond migration is a domino effect. Welcome to comment,science allows the debate. Becau...
    Ruishi Fang
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  • Glycol water additive to increase surface tension

    Is there an additive that can be added to a glycol water solution to increase surface tension so that it will bead off metal surfaces?
    Darren Lamothe
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  • Using solutions calculator for making small amounts of solutions of hydrates

    Hello! Can someone please explain making solutions involving chemicals in hydrate form? I am using a calculator which has worked well for all chemicals except hydrates.   When using this calculator, I obtain dif...
    Dawn Keckley
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  • Does Aufbau's principle still apply to hybridized orbitals?

    When atoms like Carbon are sp hybridized, why are the 4 valence electrons distributed to both the sp hybridized and the 2p unhybridized orbitals before the sp orbitals are filled? Aren't sp hybridized orbitals lower e...
    Kyle Walter
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  • Making Sure Your Site is Found

    With the pending shutdown of the service with webs.com (*.sites.acs.org), many folks have moved or relaunched their website.  We have some hints as to what you can/should do in terms of making sure your new websi...
    Christine Brennan Schmidt
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  • backup website

    How do I back up my web.com website?
    Thomas Gray
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  • Hydraulic Lab Press

    The Carver press has been in my lab for 9 years. It is now used for the testing of adhesive formulations made from plant proteins.  This is part of my lab’s effort to convert agro-based raw materials (like ...
    H.N. Cheng
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  • Agro-based Materials

    If you are interested in green chemistry and sustainability, there will be a symposium on “Chemistry and Utilization of Agro-Based Materials” at the upcoming ACS national meeting in San Diego.  It is ...
    H.N. Cheng
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  • Metallic Hydrogen

    A friend of mine recently learned of Metallic Hydrogen, such as what we theorize lies beneath the clouds of Jupiter, and thought that hydrogen should be catagorized as a metalloid on the periodic table. We discussed t...
    Jack Foisy
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  • Skin on fingers only turning black using well water with high iron content

    I notice when I do the dishes or clean the kitchen or bathroom that my fingers and cuticles and beneath my nails turn black, almost like blackberry staining, except it just seems to be in the skin grooves. I look like...
    Jody N
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  • Local chemists continue partnership with BPS Foundation to support science education across Bartlesville, committing $5,000 for grants in 2019-2020

    “Hands-on science,” is how 1,500 students in Bartlesville public schools were challenged to explore concepts and find answers this past year.  In support of that challenge, the Northern Oklahoma secti...
    Codruta Platon
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  • How do I determine the activation energy required for a certain reaction?

    I am using a laser to melt and re-fuse a titanium-aluminum alloy in an inert argon environment. The argon is recirculated through a filter via a pump. Slag from the laser melting/fusing process gets caught in the...
    George Grenley
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  • DIY/Home Citrus Oil Extraction

    Hi,    Wondering if there's a relatively efficient way to extract a decent amount (at least a few oz) of citrus oil (lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit specifically) from the fruit's peels using tools that wou...
    Isaac Steinzor
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  • Are We Training Chemists to be Contributors to Solving the Grand Challenges of Sustainability?

    By David J.C. Constable, Science Director of the American Chemical Society’s Green Chemistry Institute   Since 2013 I’ve had the privilege of being part of the ACS Summer School on Sustainable E...
  • Where can I find out about toxic reactions with 4aminopyridine?

    I need help finding adverse/toxic chemical reactions with 4aminopyridine (specifically in pesticide, and subsequent bird waste with toxin present). I am working in a facility that has used the product incorrectly...
    Ambre Harrington
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  • Troubleshooting Briggs-Rausher Oscillating reaction

    I am working on the Briggs-Rausher Oscillating Reaction and could use some help trouble shooting. The procedure I used didn't work. Any ideas why? I followed everything exactly. 
    Hannah Dickmyer
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  • National Meeting GEOC Division Cheat Sheet

    ACS Geochemistry Divison Cheat Sheet  To know when and where the Geochemistry Division Sessions are at the upcoming National Meeting in San Diego, California - just look at the  ACS Geochemistry Division ...
    Michael Davis
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