Mind over Matter: The chip in the brain & Origin of life

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A summary of the consequences of discovering a source of order from chaos, a first-order lazing transition in proton-ordered ice crystallized in liquid nitrogen, it drove nucleotide phosphorylation, creating DNA. Tangles in the DNA noodle soup formed 'transport DNA (tRNA analogues) which, powered by more laser light, filled coacervate proto-cells with substrates. When these substrates were nucleotides, replicate transport DNA pumps formed, providing the cell with a balanced diet, life had begun.

Read about the early and continuing role of trace elements: alkali[ne] earths, manganese, iodine, copper, fluorine, zinc, silver and selenium in controlling metabolism and tissue differentiation, also how Parkinson's Disease, bipolar disorder, growth defects, Alzheimer's Disease, diabetes & eating disorders, cancers and other neoplasms, breast, bowel, prostate and cervical cancers, heart attacks & strokes can be prevented by dietary supplements.

Finally, learn how efficient packaging nuclear DNA with histone proteins (fitting chromosomes better than nucleosome core particles) creates vast numbers of 'minions', 9x63 drum-shaped DNA/histone complexes tied together with proton-ordered H-bonds which can be set and unset to store intellectual memories. These are exchanged both within and between neurons (acting as wave guides) at radio frequencies, synaptic junctions acting like transistors. Memory recall employs resonance (the ringing of a bell), memory capacity exceeds 'neural networks'. Minions think like humans, modelling them would create a powerful, user-friendly computer to formulate pharmaceuticals, peace treaties and art works.

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