Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry

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    2011 - 2014: Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry


    Employer: University of Alaska/Fairbanks


    • Prepare funding proposals
    • Recruit and mentor graduate students for Interdisciplinary PhD program
    • Conduct research in laboratory
    • Instruct students (Organic Chemistry I lecture and Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory)

    Research Program:

    • Preparation of supramolecular ligands for frequency-doubling coordination complexes
    • Synthesis of helicene-like transition metal complexes
    • Synthesis of potentially liquid crystalline metallocyclophanes

    However, one year after my appointment, my employer, through the Dean and the Chancellor, began demanding that I change my research specialization to "Alaska-relevant research", in particular  environmental chemistry or biochemistry, instead of the areas for which I was hired. Consequently, I was forced to seek a new position (over the protests of my colleagues and numerous undergraduate students). While I am grateful for the numerous undergraduate students and colleagues who protested my dismissal, their efforts were not successful.  My former employer no longer supports research activities in Organic Chemistry.