Olaniran Atchade -      Crystal Structure of Di-iso-butylammonium Thiolactatotriphenylstannate

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  O. Atchade, X. Song, R. Pike, G. Eng,Analytical   Sciences, 24, 77-78 (2008)


  The title compounds,   [(iso-C4H9)2NH2][SnPh3(O2CCH(CH3)S)],   crystallized in a monoclinic space group   P21ln with the following cell parameters: a =   9.8537(2)Å, b = 16.7775(3) Å, c = 17.5845(3) Å, β = 103.7740(10)°   , V =2823.48(9) Å3, Z = 4 and Dx = 1.375 Mg   m-3. The structure was refined to a final R value of   0.0222 for 5042 reflections [I > 2σ(I)]. The structure of the   complex is ionic consisting of an anionic triphenyltin moiety and   a cationic di-iso-butylammonium portion. In addition, a   hydrogen bonding network between the cations and anions was   observed.

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