Amir A. Ameri - Publications: Rustaiyan A., Masoudi S.,Ameri   N., Samiee, K., Monfared A."Volatile Constituents of Ballota aucheri Boiss. Stachys benthamiana Boiss.and Perovskia abrotanoides Karel

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Publications: Rustaiyan A., Masoudi   S.,Ameri N., Samiee, K., Monfared A."Volatile Constituents of   Ballota aucheri Boiss. Stachys benthamiana Boiss.and Perovskia   abrotanoides Karel.Three Labiatae Herbs Growing Wild in Iran. J.   Essent. Oil Res., 18,218 (2006). Ameri N., Rustaiyan A., Masoudi   S. "Volatile Constituents of Nepeta heliotropifolia Lam., Mentha   mozaffariani Jamzad and Ziziphora persica Bunge.Three Labiatae   herbs growing wild in Iran". J. Essent. Oil Res., 18, 348 (2006)   Mirjalili F., Hakimi Meybody M., Mazloum Ardakani M., Rustaiyn   A., Ameri N., Masoudi S., Bamoniri A., " Chemical Composition of   the Essential Oil from Aerial Parts, Leaves, Flowers and Roots of   Artemisia persica Boiss. from Iran."J. Essent. Oil Res., 18, 544   (2006). Masoudi S., Ameri N., Rustaiyan A., Moradalizadeh M.,   Aberoomand P., "Volatile Constituents of Three Umbeliferae   Herbs:Azilia eryngioedes (Pau) Lamond, Laser trilobum   (L.) Borkh. and Falcaria falcarioides ( Wolff) Growing   wild in Iran. "J. Essent. Oil Res., 17, 98 (2005). Masoudi S.,   Rustaiyan A., Ameri N., "Volatile Oils of Ferulago phialocarpa   Rech.f. & H.Riedl. and Leutea elbersensis Mozaffarian.from   Iran."J.Essent. Oil Res., 16, 143 (2004). Bigdeli. M.,Rustaiyan   A., Ameri N., Masoudi S., " Essential Oils of Astrodaucus   persicus (Boiss.) Drude. from Iran. " J.Essent. Oil Res.,16, 420   (2004). Ameri N., Bigdeli M., Masoudi S., Mazloomifar H.,   Rustaiyan A., Saber Tehrani M.," Essential Oil of Prangos   uloptera DC. from Iran. " J. Essent. Oil Res., 16, 415 (2004).   Rustaiyan A., Aberoomand P., Moradalizadeh M., Maousi S., Ameri   N., " Volatile Constituents of Three compositae Herbs: Anthemis   altissima L. var. altissima, Conyza canadensis (L.) Cronq. and   Grantia aucheri Boiss. Growing wild in Iran". J. Essent. Oil   Res., 16, 579 (2004). Rustaiyan A., Feizbakhsh A., Masoudi S.,   Ameri N.,"Comparison of the Volatile Oils of Satureja atropatana   Bunge. and Satureja mutica Fisch. e

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