Kenneth Annan - 1.     K O Annan, U Scherf, K Mullen, "Visible-emitting Poly [(3", 4"-dialkoxycarbonyl-2"-hydroxy-1, 1": 5", 1""-terphenyl-4, 4""-ylene)]", Synthetic Metals 99, 1999, 9

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 1. K O Annan, U Scherf, K Mullen,   "Visible-emitting Poly [(3", 4"-dialkoxycarbonyl-2"-hydroxy-1,   1": 5", 1""-terphenyl-4, 4""-ylene)]", Synthetic Metals 99, 1999,   9. 2. K O Annan, M Foster, U Scherf, "Conjugated Ladder Polymers   Containing Thienylene Units", Macromolecules 32, 9, 1999, 3139.   3. K O Annan, M Foster, J Pan, D Haarer, U Scherf, "Synthesis and   Charge Carrier Photogeneration in Novel Ladder Polymers   Containing 2,5-Thienylene Units", Polymer International 49, 2000,   913. 4. K O Annan, Erik Moderegger, Franz P Wenzl, Stefan Tasch,   Gunther Leising, Ulli Scherf, "Comparison of the Internal Field   Distribution in Light-Emitting Diodes and Light -;Emitting   Electrochemical Cells", Advance Materials 12 (11), 2000, 825. 5.   K O Annan, D Somitsch, F P Wenzl, G Leising, P Wilhelm, U Scherf,   P Knoll, "Temperature Dependent Structural Stability of Ladder   Type Poly (p-phenylenes)", Synthetic Metals, 119 (1-3): 2001,   349. 6. K O Annan, F P Wenzl, P Pachler, S Tasch, D Somitsch, P   Knoll, U Scherf, G Leising, "Ion Dissociation in Crown Ether   Based Wide Band Gap LECs", Synthetic Metals, 121 (1-3): 2001,   1735. 7. K O Annan, M Sampietro, G Ferrari, D Natali, U Scherf, F   P Wenzl, G Leising, "Tracking of Conduction Phenomena and   Degradation in Organic Light Emitting Diodes by Current Noise   Measurements", Applied Physics Letters, 78(21): 2001, 3262.

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