Stylianos Arvelakis - •     1Effect of Leaching on the Ash Behavior of Wheat Straw and Olive Residue During Fluidised Bed Combustion, Biomass&Bioenergy, Vol 20(6) 459-470 2001.

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): • 1Effect of Leaching on the Ash Behavior   of Wheat Straw and Olive Residue During Fluidised Bed Combustion,   Biomass&Bioenergy, Vol 20(6) 459-470 2001. • 1Effect of   Leaching on the Ash Behavior of Olive Residue During Fluidised   Bed Gasification, Biomass&Bioenergy, Vol. 22(1) 55-69 2002. •   1Physicochemical Upgrading of Agroresidues as Feedstocks for   Energy Production via Thermochemical Conversion Methods,   Biomass&Bioenergy, Vol. 22(5) 331-348 2002. • 1Prediction of   the Behaviour of Biomass Ash in FluIdised Bed Combustors and   Gasifiers With the Use of Thermal Analysis Techniques, Journal of   Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, Vol.56 1271-1278 1999. •   1Agglomeration problems during fluidized bed gasification of   olive-oil residue: Evaluation of fractionation&leaching as   pre-treatments, Fuel Vol. 82 (10) 1261-1270, 2003. 1Alkali   Induced Corrosion of SiC Heating Elements in a High Temperature   Furnace, Article Number 200504, July 2005, IFRF Combustion   Electronic Journal. • 1Preliminary Results on the Ash Behaviour   of Peach Stones During Fluidised Bed Gasification: Evaluation of   Fractionation and Leaching as Pretreatments,   Biomass&Bioenergy, Vol 28 (3) 331-338, 2005. • 1Determining   the Melting behaviour of Ashes from Incineration Plants Via   Thermal Analysis Measurements, Journal of Thermal Analysis and   Calorimetry, Vol.72 1005-1017, 2003. • 1Studying the Ash   Behaviour of Agricultural Residues Using Thermal Analysis,   Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, Vol.721019-1030,   2003. • 1Study on Analysis and Characterization Methods for Ash   Material from Incineration Plants, Fuel Vol. 84 (14-15),   1725-1738, 2005. • 1Simultaneous Thermal Analysis (STA) on Ash   from High Alkali Biomass, Energy&Fuels.Vol. 18 (4) 1066-1076.   • 1Viscosity of Ashes from Energy Production and Municipal Solid   Waste Handling. A Comparative Study Between two Different   Experimental Setups. Accepted to Energy&Fuels August 2008. •   1Rheology of Ashes from Coal and Biomass Co-combustion, submitted

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