Polina Smith - Investigating Lyophilization of Lipid Nanocapsules with Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy

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  Smith, P.B.; Dendramis, K.A.; Chiu, D.T. Langmuir  2010, 26(12), 10218-10222.


  This paper describes characterization of lyophilized lipid   nanocapsules loaded with Alexa 488 by fluorescence correlation   spectroscopy (FCS). Fluorimetry analysis of nanocapsules   containing self-quenching concentrations of 5- and   6-carboxyfluorescein was performed to establish a point of   reference for FCS. FCS results complemented the results obtained   by fluorimetry for a bulk nanocapsule solution and provided   additional information about the size and dye retention by   individual nanocapsules. Using this method, we determined that   nanocapsules composed of the thiol-functionalized lipids showed   the best dye retention and the most consistent results. Dye   retention, size, and photolysis efficiency of these   thiol-functionalized nanocapsules doped with a far-red   photosensitizer did not change substantially upon lyophilization   and storage at -20 C for up to 2 months, making lyophilization a   suitable method for the long-term storage of nanocapsules with   the appropriate lipid composition.

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