Joseph Peterson - Uintah a scalable framework for hazard analysis

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  M. Berzins, J. Luitjens, Q. Meng, T. Harman, C.A. Wight, J.R.   Peterson

  TeraGrid'10 Conference


  The Uintah Software system was developed to provide an   environment for solving fluid-structure interaction problems on   structured adaptive grids on large scale, long running, data   intensive problems. Uintah uses a novel asynchronous task-based   approach with fully automated load balancing. The application of   Uintah to a petascale problem in hazard analysis arising from   "sympathetic" explosions in which the collective interactions of   a large ensemble of explosives results in dramatically increased   explosion violence, is considered. The advances in scalability   and combustion modeling needed to begin to solve this problem are   discussed and illustrated by prototypical computational results.

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