Mark Blaskovich - WO2003068237-A; WO2003068237-A1; AU2003219809-A1; CA 2476113A1, EP1482941-A1; JP2005526722-W; CN1642550-A; US2006084653-A1;  "-Sheet Mimetics and Composition and Methods Relating Thereto";  Ogbu, C

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): WO2003068237-A; WO2003068237-A1;   AU2003219809-A1; CA 2476113A1, EP1482941-A1; JP2005526722-W;   CN1642550-A; US2006084653-A1; "-Sheet Mimetics and Composition   and Methods Relating Thereto"; Ogbu, C. O.; Kim, H -O.;   Blaskovich, M. A. Division of US patent application 10/367,575:   Filed December 6, 2005 (provisional filed Feb 14 2002).

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