Sanjeev Bhardwaj - 1. Bhardwaj, S. et. al.; Protein Expression profiling in Macrophageal response to Bacterial Quorum Sensing using amine specific labeling and LC MS/MS analysis, Proteomics 2010 (Manuscript in preparation)

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 1. Bhardwaj, S. et. al.; Protein   Expression profiling in Macrophageal response to Bacterial Quorum   Sensing using amine specific labeling and LC MS/MS analysis,   Proteomics 2010 (Manuscript in preparation). 2. Bhardwaj, S. et.   al.; LC MS/MS analysis of cellular responses to functionalized   nanoparticles, Proteomics 2010 (Manuscript in preparation). 3.   Bhardwaj, S. et. al.; Analysis of hepatic Golgi/endosomal targets   of Src Family Kinases by sequential affinity enrichment using a   siteselective anti-phosphotyrosine antibody: Identification of   LRP1-Insulin receptor complexes, J. of Proteome Research, 2009   (Being revised). 4. Bhardwaj, S. et. al.; Applying gene   expression, proteomics and single-nucleotide polymorphism   analysis for complex trait gene identification, Genetics, 178(3),   1795-805, 2008. 5. Bhardwaj, S. et. al.; Proteomics application   exercise of the Swiss Proteomics Society: report of the SPS'02   session. Proteomics. 2003 Aug;3 (8):1562-6. 6. Holbrook, M.,   Bhardwaj, S., Shope R.E., Watowich, S.J., and Barrret, A.D.T.;   The Putative Receptor-binding Domain of the Flavivirus Envelope   Protein Binds Directly to Host Cells, Virology, 2008 (being   Revised) 7. Bhardwaj, S., Holbrook, M., Barrret, A.D.T., and   Watowich, S.J.; Biophysical Characterization and Vector-Specific   Antagonist Activity of Domain III of the Tick-Borne Flavivirus   Envelope Protein, J. of Virology, 75(8), 4002, 2001. 8. Bhardwaj,   S.; Du, Y. and Day,R.A.; Chromatographic Separation and Mass   Spectrometric Analysis of Bacterial cell Wall Synthesizing Enzyme   Complexes, Anal Letters, 32(11),2229, 1999. 9. Bhardwaj, S. and   Day, R.A.; Trifluroethanol removes bound proteins from reverse   phase columns, LC-GC, 17(4), 354, 1999. 10. Bhardwaj, S. and   Day,R.A.; Analysis of Reverse Phase Chromatgraphically separated   B. Subtilis membrane proteins, Anal. Letters, 31(15), 2625, 1998.   111. Bhardwaj, S. and Day,R.A.; Measurement of in vivo   protein-protein interactions:Penicillin Binding proteins and Morp

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