Benjamin Blass - Kv1.5 inhibitor, WYE-160020, reduces atrial fibrillation/flutter inducibility in post-operative sterile pericarditis and simultaneous atrial/ventricular tachypacing canine models, Rossman, E

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      Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Kv1.5 inhibitor, WYE-160020, reduces   atrial fibrillation/flutter inducibility in post-operative   sterile pericarditis and simultaneous atrial/ventricular   tachypacing canine models, Rossman, E.I.; Morgan, G.A.; Swillo,   R.E.; Liu, K.; Blass, B. E.; Jackson, C. M.; Janusz, J. M.;   Fensome, A.; Trybulski, E. J.; Gardell, S. J.; Vlasuk, G. P.;   Hennan, J.K., 30th Annual Heart Rhythm Society Meeting, Boston,   MA, May 13-16th, 2009.

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