Olga Borokhov - Borokhov, O. and D. M. Schubert. 2007. Antimicrobial properties of boron derivatives. In New Biocides Development: the Combined Approach of Chemistry and Microbiology; Zhu, P

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Borokhov, O. and D. M. Schubert. 2007.   Antimicrobial properties of boron derivatives. In New Biocides   Development: the Combined Approach of Chemistry and Microbiology;   Zhu, P.; Oxford University Press, ACS SS 967, 412-433. Borokhov,   O., and S. Rothenburger. 2000. Rapid Decolorization Method for   Screening of Potential Wood Preservatives. Applied and   Environmental Microbiology 66:5457-5459. Sweeny, P., Ludensky,   M., and O. Borokhov. 1999. Mill Performance of Bromionated   Methylethylhydantoin Slimicide. In Proceedings Papermakers   Conference. Ludensky, M.L., and O. Borokhov. 1998. Biofilm   Monitoring by ATP Bioluminescence Techniques, abstr. Q-63, p.432.   In Abstracts of the 98th General Meeting of the American Society   for Microbiology. Borokhov, O., and N. Mikhilova. 1996.   Microbiological Conversion of Xylose (review), Microbiology,   65:509-515. Ogorodnikova, T., Borokhov, O., and N. Sinitskaya.   1995. The Prospects of New Yeast in Ethanol Fermentation of Spent   Sulfite Liquors and Prehydrolysates, abstr. P-D 28, p.250. In 6th   International Conference of Biotechnology in the Pulp and Paper   Industry, Vienna, Austria, June 11-15, 1995. Ogorodnikova, T.,   Borokhov, O., Mikhilova, N, and O. Shapovalov. 1994. Quantitative   Characteristics of the Growth of Xyloso-Fermenting Yeasts   Pachysolen Tannophilus and Candida shehatae, Microbiology,   64:13-17. Shapovalov, O., Mikhilova, N., Ogorodnikova, T., and O.   Borokhov. 1994. Complete Processing of Wood to Ethanol by Yeasts.   In European Biomass Conference, 2:1131-1136, Vienna, Austria,   1994.

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