Leonid Brown - 68. Shi L., Ahmed M.A.M., Zhang W., Whited G., Brown L.S., Ladizhansky V. (2009) Three-dimensional solid-state NMR study of a seven-helical integral membrane proton pump -; structural insights

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 68. Shi L., Ahmed M.A.M., Zhang W., Whited   G., Brown L.S., Ladizhansky V. (2009) Three-dimensional   solid-state NMR study of a seven-helical integral membrane proton   pump -; structural insights. J. Mol. Biol., in press. 67. Miranda   M.R.M., Choi A.R., Shi L., Bezerra A.G., Jr., Jung K.-H., Brown   L.S. (2009) The photocycle and proton translocation pathway in a   cyanobacterial ion-pumping rhodopsin. Biophys. J., 96: in press.   66. Ahmed M.A., Bamm V.V., Shi L., Steiner-Mosonyi M., Dawson   J.F., Brown L.S., Harauz G., Ladizhansky V. (2009) Induced   secondary structure and polymorphism in an intrinsically   disordered structural linker of the CNS: solid-state NMR and FTIR   spectroscopy of myelin basic protein bound to actin. Biophys. J.,   96: 180-191. 65. Pan Y., Stocks B.B., Brown L.S., Konermann L.   (2009) Structural characterization of an integral membrane   protein in its natural lipid environment by oxidative methionine   labeling and mass spectrometry. Analyt. Chem., 81: 28-35. 64. Shi   L., Peng X., Ahmed M.A.M., Edwards D., Brown L.S., Ladizhansky V.   (2008) Resolution enhancement by homonuclear J-decoupling:   application to three-dimensional solid-state magic angle spinning   NMR spectroscopy. J. Biomol. NMR, 41: 9-15. 63. Kim S.Y., Waschuk   S.A., Brown L.S., Jung K.-H. (2008) Screening and   characterization of proteorhodopsin color-tuning mutations in   Escherichia coli with endogenous retinal synthesis. Biochim.   Biophys. Acta, 1777: 504-;513. 62. Prokhorenko V.I., Nagy A.M.,   Brown L.S., Miller R.J.D. (2007) On the mechanism of weak-field   coherent control of retinal isomerization in bacteriorhodopsin.   Chem. Phys., 341: 296-309. 61. Magyari K., Simon V., Fan Y.,   Brown L.S., Varo G. (2007) Absorption kinetics and electrical   signals measured on Leptosphaeria rhodopsin. Digest J.   Nanomaterials and Biostructures, 2: 265-269. 60. Fan Y., Shi L.,   Brown L.S. (2007) Structural basis of diversification of fungal   retinal proteins probed by site-directed mutagenesis of   Leptosphaeria rhodop

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