Eliade Stefanescu - The Lindblad dynamics of a Fermi system in a particle dissipative environment

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  Proc. SPIE Vol. 5147 (2003) 160.


  An essential problem of the quantum information systems is    the controllability and observability of the quantum   states,  generally described by Lindblad's master equation   with  phenomenological coefficients. However, in its general   form, this  equation describes a decay of the mean-values,   but not necessarily  the expected decaying transitions. We   propose a quantum master equation  with microscopic   coefficients where these transitions are correctly    described, and investigate the properties of the   dissipative  coefficients. Being of Lindblad's form, this   equation  preserves the quantum-mechanical properties of the   density  matrix during the whole evolution of the system and   is in  accordance with the entropy principle. On this basis,   generalized  Bloch-Feynman equations with microscopic   coefficients for N-level  systems are obtained.

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