Eliade Stefanescu - Cold fission as cluster decay with dissipation

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  Phys. Rev. C 53 (1996) 3014-3021.


  For cold (neutronless) fission we consider an analytical model   of  quantum tunneling with dissipation through a barrier   U(q)  evaluated with a M3Y nucleon-nucleon force. We   calculate the tunneling  spectrum, i.e., the fission rate as   a function of the total kinetic  energy of the fragments.   The theoretical results are compared with the  experimental   data obtained for the fine structure of two cold fission    modes of 252Cf:   148Ba+104Mo  and   146Ba+106Mo. Taking  into account the   dissipative coupling of the potential function U(q)  and of   the momentum p with all  the other neglected coordinates, we   obtain a remarkable agreement with  the experimental data.   We conclude that the cold fission process is a  spontaneous   decay with a spectrum determined by the shape of the   barrier  and an amplitude depending on the strength of the   dissipative coupling.  © 1996 The American Physical Society.

  Address (URL): http://prc.aps.org/abstract/PRC/v53/i6/p3014_1