Ali Bumajdad - 1) Bumajdad, A.; Eastoe, J.; Heenan, R. K.; Lu, J. R.; Steytler, D.C.; Egelhaaf, S. Mixing in cationic surfactant films studied by small-angle neutron scattering

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 1) Bumajdad, A.; Eastoe, J.; Heenan, R.   K.; Lu, J. R.; Steytler, D.C.; Egelhaaf, S. Mixing in cationic   surfactant films studied by small-angle neutron scattering. J.   Chem. Soc., Faraday Trans. 94: 2143 -; 2149, 1998. 2) Bumajdad,   A.; Eastoe, J.; Griffiths, P.; Steytler, D. C.; Heenan, R. K.;   Lu, J. R.; Timmins, P. Interfacial compositions and phase   structures in mixed surfactant microemulsions. Langmuir 15: 5271   -; 5278, 1999. 3) Giustini, M.; Palazzo, G.; Ceglie, A.; Eastoe,   J.; Bumajdad, A.; Heenan R. K. Studies of cationic and non-ionic   surfactant mixed microemulsions by small-angle neutron scattering   and pulsed field gradient NMR. Progr. Colloid Polym. Sci., 115:   25 -; 30, 2000. 4) Bumajdad, A.; Eastoe, J.; Heenan R. K "Mixed   Surfactant Microemulsions". Highlights of ISIS science, The ISIS   facility 2001, 40. 5) Bumajdad, A.; Eastoe, J.; Steytler, D. C.;   Heenan, R. K.; Timmins, P. Compositions of mixed surfactant   layers in microemulsions determined by small-angle neutron   scattering. Langmuir, 19: 2560 -; 2567, 2003. 6) Bumajdad, A.;   Eastoe, J.; Heenan, R. K. Properties of mixed   alcohol-zwitterionic surfactant films in quaternary water-in-oil   microemulsions. Langmuir 19: 7219 -; 7225, 2003. 7) Bumajdad, A.   and Eastoe, J. Conductivity of Water-in-Oil Microemulsions   Stabilized by Mixed Surfactants. J. Coll. Interface Science 1:   268 -; 276, 2004. 8) Bumajdad, A. and Eastoe, J Conductivity of   mixed surfactant water-in-oil microemulsions. Phys. Chem. Chem.   Phys.6: 1597 -; 1602, 2004. 9) Makhseed S.; Bumajdad, A.; Ghanem,   B.; Msayib, K.; McKeown, N. B. Macrodiscotic liquid crystals   derived from planar phthaocyanine oligomers. Tetra. Letts. 45:   4865 -; 4868, 2004. 10) Bumajdad, A.; Zaki M. I.; Eastoe, J.;   Pasupulety, L. Microemulsion-based synthesis of CeO2 powders with   high surface area and high temperature stabilities, Langmuir, 20,   11223, 2004. 11) Makhseed, S.; McKeown, N. B.; Msayib, K.;   Bumajdad, A. Inducing solid-state isolation of the pht

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