James Campbell - 1. Payne, J.W., H. Bolton, J.A. Campbell, and L. Xun.  1998.  Purification and Characterization of EDTAMonooxygenase from the EDTA-degrading Bacterium BNCI

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 1. Payne, J.W., H. Bolton, J.A. Campbell,   and L. Xun. 1998. Purification and Characterization of   EDTAMonooxygenase from the EDTA-degrading Bacterium BNCI. Journal   of Bacteriology, Aug. 1998, 3823-3827. 2. Shah,M.M. and J.A.   Campbell. 1997. Transformation of Nitrobenzene by Ferredoxin NADP   Oxidoreductase from Spinach Leaves. Biochemical and Biophysical   Research Communications, 241, 794-796. 3. Harvey, S.D., R.J.   Fellows, J.A. Campbell, and D.A. Cataldo. 1992. Determination of   the explosive 2,4,6-trinitrophenylmethylnitramine (tetryl) and   its transformation products in soil. J. of Chromatog., 605,   227-240. 4. Campbell, J.A. and M.M. Shah. 1997. Identification of   Enzymatic Transformation Products of TNT Using Particle-Beam   LC/MS. In: Proceedings of American Society of Mass Spectrometry   and Allied Topics, June 1-5, 1997, Palm Springs, California, p.   254. 5. Scully, F.E. Jr., K.E. Mazina, H.P. Ringhand, E.K. Chess,   J.A. Campbell, and J. D. Johnson. 1990. Identification of Organic   N-Chloramines in Vitro in Gastric Fluid in the Rat After   Chlorination. Chem Res.Tox., 3(4), 301-306. 6. Campbell, J.A.,   E.K. Chess, W.C. Weimer, and F.E. Scully, Jr. 1990. Reaction of   Excess Diazomethane and Dansylated N-Chloramine Derivatives,   Biomedical and Environmental Mass Spec, 19, 520-522. 7. Harvey,   S.D., J.A. Campbell, R.G. Kelsey, N.C. Vance. 1991. Separation of   Taxol from Related Taxanes in Taxus Brevifolia Extracts by   Isocratic Elution Reverse-Phase Microcolumn High Performance   Liquid Chromatography. J. of Chromatography, 587, 300-305. 8.   Fredrickson, J.K., D.L. Stewart, J.A. Campbell, M.A. Powell, M.   McCulloch, J.W. Pyne, and R.M. Bean. 1990.Biosolublization of Low   Rank Coal by a Trametes Versicolor Siderphore-Like Component and   other Fe Complexing Agents. J. of Industrial Microbiology, 5,   401-406. 9. Campbell, J.A., R.G. Kelly, A.C. Craig, C.F. Campana,   and R.E.R. Craig. 1990. Tatridin-A from Artemisia arbuscula   Nutt.ssp. arbuscula-Crystal Structur

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