Deniz Yuksel - An Investigative Approach to the Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory: Synthesis and Biological Testing of Penicillins

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      Whitaker, R.D.; Truhlar, L.M.;Williams, M.D.; Yuksel,   D.; Walt, D.R. J.Chem. Ed.  2010, 87, 634-636.


      Most experiments in introductory undergraduate organic
      chemistry laboratories are based on following experimental
      procedures and obtaining an expected result, requiring a   minimal
      degree of analysis and little critical thinking. This type of   laboratory
      teaching format is widely used, but recently, emphasis has
      been placed on bringing a research-like environment to   teaching
      laboratories, enabling students to develop critical-thinking   skills,
      experience the atmosphere of a scientific research laboratory,   and
      participate in more discovery-based research. In addition
      to the pedagogical advantage, research-based teaching   laboratory
      experiments increase students' interest in scientific   research.
      A two-session laboratory experiment is presented that   provides
      students with a discovery-lab experience that simulates   realworld

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