Laura Stewart - A novel calpastatin-based inhibitor improves postischemic neurological recovery.

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      Biochem Biophys Res Commun.  2009 Jul 17; 385(1):94-9.    Epub 2009 May 5.


      Calpastatin, a naturally occurring protein, is the only inhibitor   that is specific for calpain. A novel blood-brain barrier   (BBB)-permeant calpastatin-based calpain inhibitor, named   B27-HYD, was developed and used to assess calpain's contribution   to neurological dysfunction after stroke in rats. Postischemic   administration of B27-HYD reduced infarct volume and neurological   deficits by 35% and 44%, respectively, compared to untreated   animals. We also show that the pharmacologic intervention has   engaged the intended biologic target. Our data further   demonstrates the potential utility of SBDP145, a signature   biomarker of acute brain injury, in evaluating possible   mechanisms of calpain in the pathogenesis of stroke and as an   adjunct in guiding therapeutic decision making.

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