Andrew Combs - "Potent Benzimidazole Sulfonamide PTP1B Inhibitors Containing the Heterocyclic (S)-Isothiazolidinone ((S)-IZD) Phosphotyrosine Mimetic"  Andrew P. Combs, Wenyu Zhu, Richard Sparks, Matthew L

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): "Potent Benzimidazole Sulfonamide PTP1B   Inhibitors Containing the Heterocyclic (S)-Isothiazolidinone   ((S)-IZD) Phosphotyrosine Mimetic" Andrew P. Combs, Wenyu Zhu,   Richard Sparks, Matthew L. Crawley, Eddy W. Yue, Dilip Modi,   Brian Glass, Amy Takvorian, Padmaja Polam, Erin McLaughlin, Zelda   Wasserman, Michael Bower, Min Wei, Phillip Liu, Paul J. Ala,   Lucie Gonneville, Richard Wynn, Timothy C. Burn, Gregory Hollis,   Brian Metcalf . J. Med. Chem. 2006, 49(13), 3774-3789.

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