Andrew Combs - "Matrix metalloproteinase-activated doxorubicin prodrugs inhibit HT1080 xenograft growth better than doxorubicin with less toxicity"  Albright, Charles F

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): "Matrix metalloproteinase-activated   doxorubicin prodrugs inhibit HT1080 xenograft growth better than   doxorubicin with less toxicity" Albright, Charles F.; Graciani,   Nilsa; Han, Wei; Yue, Eddy; Stein, Ross; Lai, Zhihong; Diamond,   Melody; Dowling, Randine; Grimminger, Lisa; Zhang, Shu-Yun;   Behrens, Davette; Musselman, Amy; Bruckner, Robert; Zhang,   Mingzhu; Jiang, Xiang; Hu, Daniel; Higley, Anne; DiMeo, Susan;   Rafalski, Maria; Mandlekar, Sandya; Car, Bruce; Yeleswaram,   Swamy; Stern, Andrew; Copeland, Robert A.; Combs, Andrew; Seitz,   Steve P.; Trainor, George L.; Taub, Rebecca; Huang, Pearl; Oliff,   Allen. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 2005, 4(5), 751-760.

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