Alan Cooper - Wright, J.J.; Cooper, A.B.;  Daniels, P.J.L.;   Nagabhushan, T.L.;  Rane, D.;  Turner, W.N.;  Weinstein, J.;   Selective N-acylation of Gentamicin Antibiotics-Synthesis of 1-N-Acyl Derivatives

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Wright, J.J.; Cooper, A.B.; Daniels,   P.J.L.; Nagabhushan, T.L.; Rane, D.; Turner, W.N.; Weinstein, J.;   Selective N-acylation of Gentamicin Antibiotics-Synthesis of   1-N-Acyl Derivatives. J. Antibiotics (1976), 714-719.   Nagabhushan, T.L.; Cooper, A.B.; Miller, G.H.; Tsai, H. The   Synthesis and Biological Properties of   1-N-(s-4-amino-2-hydroxybutyryl)-Gentamicin B and   1-N-(s-3-amino-2-hydroxypropionyl)-Gentamicin B. J. Antibiot.   (1978), 31, 681-687. Nagabhushan, T.L.; Cooper, A.B.; Miller,   G.H.; Turner, W.N.; Wright, J.J. Chemical Modification of Some   Gentamicins and Sisomicin at the 3"-Position. J. Antibiot.   (1978), 31, 43-53. Lee, B.K.;Condon, R.G.; Cooper, A.B.;   Nagabhushan, T.L.; Waitz, J.A. Antibiotic Biosynthesis by   Co-Fermentation of Blocked Mutants of Two Micromonospora Species.   Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. (1978),14, 73-77. Nagabhushan,   T.L.;Boxler, D.L.; Cooper, A.B.; Mallams, A.K.; McCombie, S.;   Reichert, P.; Rane, D.; Tsai, H.; Turner, W.N.; Weinstein, J.;   Wright, J.J. Interaction of Vicinal and Non-Vicinal Amino-Hydroxy   Group Pairs in Aminoglycoside-Aminocyclitol Antibiotics with   Transition Metal Cations. Selective N-Protection. J. Am. Chem.   Soc. (1978), 100, 5253. Cooper, A.B.; Miller, G.H.; Nagabhushan,   T.L.; Synthesis and Biological Properties of 5-epi-Gentamicin B,   1-N-(s-3-amino-2-hydroxypropionyl)-5-epi-Gentamicin B, and Their   Kanamycin A Analogs. Proceedings of the 11th International   Congress of Chemotherapy and the 19th Intersceince Conference on   Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, (1979), 1, 411. Daniels,   P.J.L.; Cooper, A.B.; McCombie, S.; Nagabhushan, T.L.; Rane,   D.F.; Wright, J.J. Some Recent Advances in the Chemistry of   Antibiotics of the Gentamicin Series. J. Antibiot. (1979), 32,   195-204. Wright, J.J.; Cooper, A.B.; McPhail, A.T.; Merril, Y.;   Nagabhushan, T.L.; Puar, M.S.; X-Ray Crystal Structure   Determination and Synthesis of the New Isonitrile-Containing   Antibioti

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