Steven Hoenig - Handbook of Chemical Warfare and Terrorism. Conn.: Greenwood Publishing Group, 2002.

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  Handbook of Chemical Warfare and Terrorism. Conn.: Greenwood   Publishing Group, 2002.


  The increased threat of chemical terrorism and warfare makes a   quick, comprehensive guide more vital than ever. Forensic chemist   Steven L. Hoenig has compiled information from diverse sources to   produce this ready reference with details on various chemicals,   including identification tips, symptoms and treatment procedures,   protective gear necessary to counter each threat, and a   step-by-step description of decontamination procedures. A brief   overview of the history of chemicals used in warfare is followed   by a discussion of the different categories of chemical threats.   First responders to a chemical event will find the wealth of   information invaluable, as cities and civic organizations are   called upon to develop readiness plans for dealing with terrorist   attacks. This guide includes clear diagrams and explanations, and   has been compiled with both the layman and professional in mind,   making it a useful addition to any military, medical, or home   library.

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