Anatoly Sipatrov - Fischer-Tropsch synthesis using a porous catalyst packing. Experimental evidence of an efficient use of permeable composite monoliths as a novel type of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis catalyst.

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  The   publication describes results of a search of new compact type of   Fischer-Tropsch reactor.


  Novel type of the catalytic material: a permeable composite   monolith (PCM) is studied in the Fischer–Tropsch synthesis (FTS)   at 2.1MPa. Due to highly intense mass transfer and high density   of an active component, it was shown to provide steadily the   process productivity of ca. 100–200 mg/(h.cm3) of reactor volume   at 483 K. At that the selectivity of the process over PCM is   maintained at the highest level (α = 0.84; the olefin fraction in   the C3–C4 fraction above 50%). At the effective mode of the PCM   particle operation, the effectiveness factor of ca. 70% is   achieved.

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