Arumugasamy Elangovan - 1. Davies, Joshua A.; Elangovan, Arumugasamy; Sullivan, Philip A.; Olbricht, Benjamin C.; Bale, Denise H.; Ewy, Todd R.; Eichinger, Bruce E.; Robinson, Bruce H

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 1. Davies, Joshua A.; Elangovan,   Arumugasamy; Sullivan, Philip A.; Olbricht, Benjamin C.; Bale,   Denise H.; Ewy, Todd R.; Eichinger, Bruce E.; Robinson, Bruce H.;   Reid, Philip J.; Isborn, Christine M.; Li, Xiaosong; Dalton,   Larry R. Rational Enhancement of Second-order Nonlinearity:   Bis-(4-methoxyphenyl)-heteroaryl-amino Donor-;Based Chromophores   -; Design, Synthesis and Electro-optic Activity Journal of the   American Chemical Society (2008, in press) 2. Chen, A.; Sun, H.;   Pyayt, A.;Zhang, X.; Luo, J.; Jen, A.; Sullivan, P. A.;   Elangovan, S.; Dalton, L. R.; Dinu, R.; Jin, D.; Huang, D.   Chromophore-Containing Polymers for Trace Explosive Sensors,   Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2008), 112, 8072. 3. Lai,   Ke-Yin; Chu, Tse-Min; Hong, Franklin Chau-Nan; Elangovan,   Arumugasamy; Kao, Kuo-Ming; Yang, Shu-Wen; Ho, Tong-Ing. Excimer   emission from a novel ethyne-based fluorescent dye in organic   light-emitting devices. Surface and Coatings Technology (2006),   200(10), 3283-3288. 4. Yang, Shu-Wen; Elangovan, Arumugasamy;   Hwang, Kuo-Chu; Ho, Tong-Ing. Electronic Polarization Reversal   and Excited State Intramolecular Charge Transfer in   Donor/Acceptor Ethynylpyrenes. Journal of Physical Chemistry B   (2005), 109(35), 16628-16635. 5. Lin, Jui-Hsien; Elangovan,   Arumugasamy; Ho, Tong-Ing. Structure-Property Relationships in   Conjugated Donor-Acceptor Molecules Based on Cyanoanthracene:   Computational and Experimental Studies. The Journal of Organic   Chemistry (2005), 70(18), 7397-7407. 6. Samori, Shingo; Tojo,   Sachiko; Fujitsuka, Mamoru; Yang, Shu-Wen; Elangovan,   Arumugasamy; Ho, Tong-Ing; Majima, Tetsuro. Efficient Emission   from Charge Recombination during the Pulse Radiolysis of   Electrochemical Luminescent Donor-Acceptor Molecules with an   Ethynyl Linkage. The Journal of Organic Chemistry (2005), 70(17),   6661-6668. 7. Samori, Shingo; Hara, Michihiro; Tojo, Sachiko;   Fujitsuka, Mamoru; Yang, Shu-Wen; Elangovan, Arumugasamy; Ho,   Tong-Ing; Majima, Tetsuro. Eff

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