Organic chemistry including Organometallic

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Research in the Hamad Elgazwy Group focuses on the development metal-mediated reactions with applications in organic synthesis. We are also developing single-molecule techniques to image catalytic reactions at individual transition metal centers. These single-molecule techniques are part of a big-picture, ground-breaking project to change the way chemists think about studying chemical reaction mechanisms: by actually watching reactions live, one molecule at a time. Ultimately, we are interested in learning about the reactivity of transition metals such that those lessons can be applied broadly to the development of new methods. These studies provide an excellent platform for testing mechanistic hypotheses and for building new fundamental understanding of metal-based reactivity. Organic and Organometallic Syntheses included Stereoselective, Aldol reactions, Michael addition and Asymmetric Catalysis were shown emphases now days. Our research group interested extended to include heterocyclic chemistry (such as butenolides & purines) and Organometallic (Li, Sn, Si and Pd) & Cross Coupling & Oxidative Addition Reactions to apply for the synthesis of the highly sophisticated organic molecules having biological importance such as (anti-inflammatory & cytotoxic activity). The crystallography study of the X-ray single crystal structures of organo-palladium organo-silicon with study the 31P-NMR, are main target.