Abdel-Sattar Elgazwy - Review articles; 1.     Review article; "Photochemical Transformations of 2(5H)furanones". Ahmed I. Hashem*, Alexander Senning and Abdel-Sattar S. Hamad; Org

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Review articles; 1. Review article;   "Photochemical Transformations of 2(5H)furanones". Ahmed I.   Hashem*, Alexander Senning and Abdel-Sattar S. Hamad; Org. Prep.   Proceed. Int. 1998, 30 (4), 403-427. Impact Factor = 0.742 2.   Review article; "The Chemistry of Isothiazoles" Abdel-Sattar S.   Hamad Elgazwy, Tetrahedron, 2003, 59, 7445-7463, and Tetrahedron   report 650. IF = 2.817 3. Review article; "The Chemistry of   Tricarballylic acids" Abdel-Sattar S. Hamad Elgazwy; Current   Organic Chemistry, 2004, 8(14), 1405-1423. IF = 3.232 4. Review   article; Utilities of some Carbon Nucleophiles in Heterocyclic   Synthesis H. M. F. Madkour and A. S. H. Elgazwy*, Current Organic   Chemistry, 2007, 11(10), 853-903. Impact Factor = 3.232 5. Review   Article; Overview of the Environmental Impacts of the uses of   Coal, Thermal, Hydroelectricity, Oil, Gas, Fuel & Wood etc.   In Pakistan, Abdel-Sattar S. Hamad Elgazwy* and Muhammad Iqbal   Bhanger, Global Journal of environmental Research 2007, 1(1),   1-6.

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