Chris Enke - 80. Vincenti, M., J. C. Schwartz, R. G. Cooks, A. P. Wade and C. G. Enke. "The functional relationship scan in tandem mass spectrometry" Organic Mass Spectrometry 23(8): 579-584 (1988) 79

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 80. Vincenti, M., J. C. Schwartz, R. G.   Cooks, A. P. Wade and C. G. Enke. "The functional relationship   scan in tandem mass spectrometry" Organic Mass Spectrometry   23(8): 579-584 (1988) 79. Voorhees, K. J., S. L. Durfee, J. R.   Holtzclaw, C. G. Enke and M. R. Bauer. "Pyrolysis-tandem mass   spectrometry of bacteria" Journal of Analytical and Applied   Pyrolysis 14: 7-15 (1988) 78. Eckenrode, B. A., J. T. Watson and   C. G. Enke. "Post-sector beam deflection in time-resolved ion   momentum spectrometry (TRIMS)" Int. J. Mass Spectrom. & Ion   Processes 82: 177-187 (1988) 77. Schubert, A. J. and C. G. Enke.   "Methanol chemical ionization as a tool for the analysis of polar   compounds in fuels" Anal. Chim. Acta 211: 83-89 (1988) 76.   Kristo, M. J. and C. G. Enke. "System for simultaneous   count/current measurement with a dual-mode photon/particle   detector" Rev. Sci. Instrum. 59(3): 438-442 (1988) 75.   Dolnikowski, G. G., M. J. Kristo, C. G. Enke and J. T. Watson.   "Ion trapping technique for ion/molecule reaction studies in the   center quadrupole of a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer" Int.   J. Mass Spectrom. & Ion Processes 82: 1-15 (1988) 74. Wade,   A. P., P. J. Palmer, K. J. Hart and C. G. Enke. "Development of   algorithms for automated elucidation of MS/MS Spectral   feature/substructure relationships" Anal. Chim. Acta 215: 169-186   (1988) 73. Wahl, J. H., C. G. Enke and V. L. McGuffin. "Solvent   modulation: an accurately modeled method for controlling solute   retention in liquid chromatography" Journal of High Resolution   Chromatography Communications: 858-861 (1988) 72. Enke, C. G., A.   P. Wade, P. T. Palmer and K. J. Hart. "Solving the MS/MS puzzle:   strategies for automated structure elucidation" Anal. Chem. 59:   1363A-1371A (1987) 71. Allison, J., J. F. Holland, C. G. Enke and   J. T. Watson. "GC/MS by time-of-flight mass spectrometry:   instrumentation and data system developments" Analytical   Instrumentation 16: 207-224 (1987)

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