Chris Enke - 100. Hart, K. J., P. T. Palmer, D. L. Deidrich and C. G. Enke. "Generation of substructure identification rules using feature-combinations from ms/ms spectra" J

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 100. Hart, K. J., P. T. Palmer, D. L.   Deidrich and C. G. Enke. "Generation of substructure   identification rules using feature-combinations from ms/ms   spectra" J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. 3: 159-168 (1992) 99. Wahl,   J. H., C. G. Enke, V. L. McGuffin. "Solvent modulation in liquid   chromatography: experimental verification and comparison with   conventional premixed mobile phases" Anal. Chem. 63: 1118-26   (1991) 98. Holland, J. F., B. Newcome, Ronald E. Tecklenburg,   Jr., M. R. Davenport, J. Allison, J. T. Watson and C. G. Enke.   "Design, construction, and evaluation of an integrating transient   recorder for data acquisition in capillary gas   chromatography/time-of-flight mass spectrometry" Rev. Sci.   Instrum. 62: 69-76 (1991) 97. Ioanoviciu, D., G. E. Yefchak and   C. G. Enke. "Metastable peak shapes induced by internal energy   release in electrostatic mirror time-of-flight mass   spectrometers" Int. J. Mass Spectrom. & Ion Processes 104:   83-94 (1991) 96. LaPack, M. A., J. C. Tou and C. G. Enke.   "Membrane extraction-mass spectrometry for simultaneous   multi-gas/liquid-stream analysis and application to a biological   wastewater treatment process" Anal. Chem. 63: 1631-1637 (1991)   95. Cole, M. J. and C. G. Enke. "Direct determination of   phospholipid structures in bacteria by fast atom   bombardment/tandem MS" Anal. Chem. 63: 1032-1038 (1991) 94. Cole,   M. J. and C. G. Enke. "Fast atom bombardment tandem mass   spectrometry employing ion-molecule reactions for the   differentiation of phospholipid classes" J. Am. Soc. Mass   Spectrom. 2: 470-475 (1991) 93. Wahl, J. H., C. G. Enke and V. L.   McGuffin. "Solvent modulation in liquid chromatography" Anal.   Chem. 62: 1416-1423 (1990) 92. Schwartz, J. C., A. P. Wade, C. G.   Enke and R. G. Cooks. "Systematic delineation of scan modes in   multidimensional mass spectrometry" Anal. Chem. 62: 1809-1818   (1990) 91. Eckenrode, B. A., J. T. Watson, C. G. Enke and J. F.   Holland. "Complete MS/MS data field acquisition on the   chromatographic time scale by ti

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