Chris Enke - Book Chapters: "Electrospray Ionization: How and When it Works" Nadja Cech and C G. Enke, Encyclopedia of Mass Spectrometry, Volume 8, Richard Caprioli and Michael Gross, Editors

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Book Chapters: "Electrospray Ionization:   How and When it Works" Nadja Cech and C G. Enke, Encyclopedia of   Mass Spectrometry, Volume 8, Richard Caprioli and Michael Gross,   Editors. Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, 2006 "The unique   capabilities of time-of-flight mass analyzers" C.G. Enke in   Advances in Mass Spectrometry, Volume 14, E.J. Karjalainen, A.E.   Hesso, J.E. Jalonen, U.P. Karjalaine, Editors. Elsevier Science,   Amsterdam, 1998 Conductivity and conductometry". F. James Holler   and C.G.Enke in Laboratory Techniques in Electroanalytical   Chemistry, New York, NY, Peter T. Kissinger and William R.   Heineman, Eds., Marcel Dekker, Inc., p. 237-265 (1996) "Achieving   the maximum characterizing power for chromatographic detection by   mass spectrometry". J.F. Holland, J. Allison, J.T. Watson and   C.G.Enke in Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry, Washington, DC,   Robert J. Cotter, Ed., American Chemical Society. p. 157-176   (1994) "Microbial characterization by phospholipid profiling:   practice and problems in microbial identification". M.J. Cole and   C.G. Enke, Identification of Microorganisms by Mass Spectrometry,   Catherine Fenselau, Ed., American Chemical Society. (1993)   "Computer-assisted mass spectral interpretation: MS/MS analysis".   K.J. Hart, and C.G. Enke, Comp-Enhanced Analytical Spectroscopy.   New York, NY, P. Jurs Ed., Plen Press. 3 p. 149-183 (1992)   "Automation of structure elucidation from MS/MS data". K.P.   Cross, P.T. Palmer, C.F. Beckner, A.B. Giordani, H.G. Gregg, P.A.   Hoffman and C.G, Enke, American Chemical Society Symposium   Series. Washington, DC, Thomas M. Pierce and Bruce A. Hohme,   Eds., American Chemical Society. p. 321-326 (1986) "Conductivity   and conductometry". F.J. Holler and C.G. Enke, Laboratory   Techniques in Electroanalytical Chemistry. New York, NY, W. R.   Heineman and P. T. Kissinger, Eds., Marcel Dekker, Inc., p.   235-266 (1984) "Beyond mere automation". C.G. Enke, Frontiers in   Chemistry. K. J. Laidler. Oxford, Pergammon Press p. 169-178   (1982) "Tand

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