Domonkos Feher - A 2-substituted prodiginine, 2-(p-hydroxybenzyl)prodigiosin, from Pseudoalteromonas rubra.

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  Feher, Domonkos; Barlow, Russell S.; Lorenzo, Patricia S.;   Hemscheidt, Thomas K. Journal of Natural Products (2008), 71(11),   1970-1972. CODEN: JNPRDF ISSN:0163-3864. CAN 149:528348 AN   2008:1250406 CAPLUS


  In the course of work   aimed at the discovery of new pharmaceutical lead compounds from   marine bacteria, a lipophilic extract of the bacterium   Pseudoalteromonas rubra displayed significant cytotoxicity   against SKOV-3, a human ovarian adenocarcinoma cell line.   Bioassay-directed fractionation of this extract resulted in the   isolation of a series of known and new prodiginine-type   azafulvenes. The structure of the major metabolite was elucidated   by interpretation of spectroscopic data as a 2 substituted   prodigiosin, which we named 2-(p-hydroxybenzyl)prodigiosin   (HBPG).


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