J Michael Sauder - New York-Structural GenomiX Research Consortium (NYSGXRC): a large scale center for the protein structure initiative

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  J Struct Funct Genomics (2005) 6:225-232.

  Bonanno JB, Almo SC, Bresnick A, Chance MR, Fiser A, Swaminathan   S, Jiang J, Studier FW, Shapiro L, Lima CD, Gaasterland TM, Sali   A, Bain K, Feil I, Gao X, Lorimer D, Ramos A, Sauder JM,   Wasserman SR, Emtage S, D'Amico KL, Burley SK


  Structural GenomiX, Inc. (SGX), four New York area institutions,   and two  University of California schools have formed the   New York Structural  GenomiX Research Consortium (NYSGXRC),   an industrial/academic Research  Consortium that exploits   individual core competencies to support all  aspects of the   NIH-NIGMS funded Protein Structure Initiative (PSI),    including protein family classification and target selection,   generation  of protein for biophysical analyses, sample   preparation for structural  studies, structure determination   and analyses, and dissemination of  results. At the end of   the PSI Pilot Study Phase (PSI-1), the NYSGXRC  will be   capable of producing 100-200 experimentally determined   protein  structures annually. All Consortium activities can   be scaled to increase  production capacity significantly   during the Production Phase of the  PSI (PSI-2). The   Consortium utilizes both centralized and de-centralized    production teams with clearly defined deliverables and   hand-off  procedures that are supported by a web-based   target/sample tracking  system (SGX Laboratory Information   Data Management System, LIMS, and  NYSGXRC Internal   Consortium Experimental Database, ICE-DB). Consortium    management is provided by an Executive Committee, which is   composed of  the PI and all Co-PIs. Progress to date is   tracked on a publicly  available Consortium web site   (http://www.nysgxrc.org) and all  DNA/protein reagents and   experimental protocols are distributed freely  from the New   York City Area institutions. In addition to meeting the    requirements of the Pilot Study Phase and preparing for the   Production  Phase of the PSI, the NYSGXRC aims to develop   modular technologies that  are transferable to structural   biology laboratories in both academe and  industry. The   NYSGXRC PI and Co-PIs intend the PSI to have a  transforming   effect on the disciplines of X-ray crystallography and NMR    spectroscopy of biological macromolecules. Working with other   PSI-funded  Centers, the NYSGXRC seeks to create the   structural biology laboratory  of the future. Herein, we   present an overview of the organization of the  NYSGXRC and   describe progress toward development of a high-throughput    Gene-->Structure platform. An analysis of current and   projected  consortium metrics reflects progress to date and   delineates  opportunities for further technology   development.

  Address (URL): http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16211523