Doina Frumuselu - PROJECTS - Analysis on the technical condition of overhead electrical lines elements (foundation, pole, conductor). Control and protection methods against concrete corrosion

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      Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): PROJECTS - Analysis on the technical   condition of overhead electrical lines elements (foundation,   pole, conductor). Control and protection methods against concrete   corrosion. - Methods to increase the operational safety of power   plants with a view to ensure a new quality of the corrosion   protection work. - Corrosion control and protection technologies   for the overhead electrical lines components. - Technology for   the restoration of the Endless Column -; the Monumental Ensemble   Heroes" Avenue without dismantling, Targu Jiu, 1998. - Corrosion   inhibitors of the steel reinforcement from the concrete used in   chemically aggressive environments owing to the climate and to   the pollution. - Drawing up a calculation model for the remaining   lifetime of buildings in the power sector. - Solutions to   increase the life time of power constructions. - Applying the IR   thermography to assess the deterioration degree of ground   concrete constructions belonging to the electric networks. -   Assessing the degradation degree of reinforced concrete from the   power sector constructions. Practical repair solutions. -   Determining the areas of chemical aggressiveness owed to the   climatic and pollutant factors, including the protection measures   in the transmission and distribution installations. - Corrosion   protection technologies of electrical contacts. - Assessment of   soil aggressiveness in the Transelectrica"s substations.   Solutions to increase the life time of underground metallic and   concrete components. - Influence of the meteorological-climatic   conditions over the physical-chemical processes deteriorating the   reinforced concrete constructions of the electrical networks. -   Climatic hazards / risks impacting Romania"s electrical networks.   - The efficiency of volatile inhibitors for corrosion protection   of copper, steel and aluminium conductors. - Climatic research on   variability of soil frost depth in Romania. - Designing and   implementing the integrated monitori

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