Avijit Sen - Metalloporphyrins for quadratic nonlinear optics

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        Author(s):         Sen A,         Ray PC,         Das PK,         Krishnan V     
        Source: JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY            Volume: 100    Issue: 50            Pages: 19611-19613    Published: 1996       


  Cu-II- and Zn-II-based donor-acceptor porphyrins have been   examined for second-order nonlinear optics using the   hyper-Rayleigh scattering technique at 1064 nm. Introduction of   the metal ions enhances the first hyperpolarizability (beta) of   the free-base donor-acceptor porphyrins significantly. The open   shell Cu-II (d(9)) has a greater influence on beta of these   porphyrin systems than the closed shell Zn-II (d(10)). The high   beta values in the Zn-II porphyrins are understood in terms of   the change in dipole moments upon excitation within the context   of the two-state model as well as two-photon resonance   enhancement. In Cu-II porphyrin complexes a large number of   excited states seem to contribute to beta with, perhaps, a little   contribution from two-photon resonance at the excitation   wavelength.

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