Alexey Kondyurin - Ion Beam Treatment of Polymers. Application aspects from medicine to space

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  Elsevier, Oxford, 2008


  This book is devoted to modern and future applications of ion   beam implantation technologies for polymer mate- rials. Modern   ion beam sources have become cheaper and much more effective for   use in industrial processes. This has given us the impetus to   collect data on modification effects in polymer materials and to   show different kinds of polymer processes where the ion beam   implanter can offer new properties or solve technological   problems. We consid- ered different kinds of applications from   kitchen appliances such as dishwashers to high tech devices such   as human organism implants or space constructions.

  The book is written mostly from our original results (School of   Physics at the University of Sydney, Australia; Rossendorf   Research Center and Institute of Polymer Research, Dresden,   Germany; and Institute of Technical Chemistry, Perm, Russia), and   previous experience in ion beam implantation of polymers as well   as basic physical and chemical knowledge related to this field   are presented. We do not pretend that the scientific description   of polymers and industrial polymer processes for ion beam   technologies is by any means complete, and if readers can find   other useful applications for ion beam implantation of polymers   or solutions to any problems using ion beam implantation, we will   be happy to hear from you.

  Due to our attempts to present ion beam techniques for industry,   we do not consider very high energy particle sources because of   their cost. Our aim therefore is to concen- trate on low cost   devices and systems which could be used even in small enterprises   for production of special kinds of polymer material and polymer   devices, where the ratio of “cost of equipment”/“cost of   material” is not too high.

  Research into high energy and big accelerators is chang- ing and   it is now more common to find small and effective machines being   used in research centers and universities. Researchers are now   focusing on small ion beam implanters such as plasma immersion   ion implanters (PIII) or Kaufman sources, which can be bought   using a post-doctoral grant, for example. This, however, limits   significantly the ion beam systems by ion energy and ion current.   Such systems and their application are the subject of this book.

  The book is written using our own experimental and the- oretical   results as well as known literature data. We appreci- ate the   help of our friends and colleagues, who contributed a great deal   of knowledge and effort: Yuri Klyachkin, Valery Begishev, Nail   Valeev, Viktor Trushnikov, Gennady Mesyats, Nikolay Gavrilov,   Elsa Tereshatova, Sergey Lisenko, Valery Karmanov, Svetlana   Astafyeva, Valentina Romanova, Irina Osorgina, Rustam Khaibullin,   Reihard Guenzel, Manfred Maitz, Edgar Richter, Emily Pecheva,   Galina Nechitailo, Alexander Mashinski, Vladimir Briskman,   Stephane Langloise, Manfred Stamm, Pilip Volodin, Jan Weber, Bee   Kwan Gan, David McKenzie and Irina Kondyurina.


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