Lu Lin - Stabilization of perfluorinated membranes used in fuel cells: The case of cerium ions.

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  Stabilization of perfluorinated membranes used in fuel cells: The   case of cerium ions.     Schlick, Shulamith;   Perkowski, Andrew J.; Lin, Lu; Mao, Qinghui; Danilczuk,   Marek.    Department of Chemistry and   Biochemistry,  University of Detroit Mercy,    Detroit,  MI,  USA.    Polymer Preprints   (American Chemical Society, Division of Polymer Chemistry)    (2009),  50(2),  158-159.  Publisher: American   Chemical Society, Division of Polymer Chemistry,  CODEN:   ACPPAY  ISSN: 0032-3934.    Journal; Online Computer File  written in   English.    AN 2010:269860      CAPLUS


  Ex situ experiments were performed to quantitatively determine   the effect of Ce(III) on the generation of hydroxyl HO[] radicals   and of carbon-centered radical adducts in Nafion dispersions   exposed to HO[] radicals, and on the generation of the RCF2CF2   radicals in Nafion membranes during the photo-Fenton   reaction.  Addition of Ce(III) has profound effects on the   decrease of radical fragments in Nafion membrane and membrane   dispersions.  The rate constant for scavenging of hydroxyl   radicals by Ce(III), 6 x 108 M/s, was determined in spin trapping   experiments.

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