Danilo Giribone - Synthesis of MAG-Taxol labelled with carbon-14 in the polymeric chain

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  D.Giribone,   F.Orzi and E.Fontana

  Journal of Labelled Compounds   and Radiopharmaceuticals, (1997)   40:397-9


  The synthesis of the title   compound labelled with carbon-14 in the polymeric chain is   reported. MAG-Taxol, laboratory code PNU-166945, is a synthetic   hydroxypropyl-methacrylamide copolymer bearing an aminoacidic   side chain linked through an esteric bound at the 2’ position of   the taxol C13 side chain. A three step sequence, starting from   the commercially available [14C]methacrylic acid, led to the   radiochemically pure final compound with a specific activity of   281 KBq/mg. The overall radiochemical yield was 20%.

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