William Lambert - Lambert, W.J. and Los, K., DepoFoam Multivesicular Liposomes for Sustained Release of Macromolecules in Modified-Release Drug Delivery Technology, Vol 2, 2nd ed, Rathbone, Hadgraft, Roberts, and Lane-eds

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Lambert, W.J. and Los, K., DepoFoam   Multivesicular Liposomes for Sustained Release of Macromolecules   in Modified-Release Drug Delivery Technology, Vol 2, 2nd ed,   Rathbone, Hadgraft, Roberts, and Lane-eds., Informa Healthcare,   NY, NY, 2008, pp. 207-214. Lambert, W.J., Drug Delivery: What the   Future Holds, BioPharm International, 32-39, August 2007.   Lambert, W.J., Petrolatum monograph in Handbook of Pharmaceutical   Excipients, 5th Ed., Rowe, Shesky, and Owen, eds., Pharmaceutical   Press, 2006. Wang, Z., Burrell, L.S., Lambert, W.J., Solubility   of E2050 at Various pH: A Case in Which Apparent Solubility is   Affected by the Amount of Excess Solid, J. Pharm. Sci., 91,   1445-1455 (2002). Wang, Z., Frankel, B.A., Lambert, W.J.,   Determination of Moisture in Rubber Stoppers: Effect of Karl   Fischer Oven Temperatures, PDA J. Pharm. Sci. Tech., 55, 162-170   (2001). Burrell, L.S., Carver, M.W., DeMuth, G.E., Lambert, W.J.,   Development of a Dye Ingress Method to Assess Container-Closure   Integrity: Correlation to Microbial Ingress, PDA J. Pharm. Sci.   Tech., 54, 449-455 (2000). Abraham, M.H. et al., Determination of   solute lipophilicity as logP(octanol) and logP(alkane) using   poly(styrene-divinylbenzene) and IAM stationary phases in   RP-HPLC, J. Chromatogr. A, 766, 35-47 (1997). Lambert, W.J.;   Stamper, G.F. Development of an Analytical Reversed-Phase HPLC   Assay for Transforming Growth Factor-beta 3, J. Chromatogr. A.,   709 (2) 249-256 (1995). Stamper, G.F.; Lambert,W.J. Accelerated   Stability Testing of Proteins and Peptides: pH-Stability Profile   of Insulinotropin Using Traditional Arrhenius and Non-linear   Fitting Analysis, Drug Devel. Indust. Pharm., 21, 1503-1511   (1995). Lambert, W.J.; Peck, K.D. Development of an In Situ   Forming Biodegradable Poly-lactide-co-glycolide System for the   Controlled Release of Proteins, J. Controlled Release, 33,   189-195 (1995). Brophy, R.T.; Lambert, W.J. The Adsorption of   Insulinotropin to Polymeric Sterilizing Filters, J.

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