Joel Goldstein - "Nonwoven Binders of Vinyl Acetate/Ethylene/Self-Crosslinking Monomer and Tetramethylol Glycoluril Having Improved Shelf-Life", C. L. Mao, J. E. Goldstein, J

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): "Nonwoven Binders of Vinyl   Acetate/Ethylene/Self-Crosslinking Monomer and Tetramethylol   Glycoluril Having Improved Shelf-Life", C. L. Mao, J. E.   Goldstein, J. G. Iacoviello, U. S. Patent No. 5,180,772, January   19, 1993. New Developments with Flushable Binders", J. E.   Goldstein, INSIGHT92, Absorbent Products Conference, Charleston,   SC, October 1, 1992. "Transparent Caulks Containing Fumed   Silica", J. E. Goldstein, U.S. Patent No. 5,124,384, June 23,   1992. "Nonwoven Applications for Polyvinyl Alcohol", J. E.   Goldstein and B. M. Koltisko; INDA-TEC92, Fort Lauderdale, FL,   April 1992. "Nonwoven Products Bonded with Binder Emulsions of   Copolymers of Vinyl Acetate/Ethylene/Incompatible   Comonomer/Latent Crosslinking comonomer", J. E. Goldstein, C. L.   Mao, J. G. Iacoviello, U.S. Patent No. 4,975,320, December 4,   1990. "Zirconium (III) Salts as Cure Co-Catalysts for Nonwoven   Binders Comprising Acrylamidoglycolic Acid", J. E. Goldstein, J.   G. Iacoviello, G. G. Hawn, G. R. Cook, U.S. Patent No. 4,844,970,   July 4, 1989. "Nonwoven Products Bonded with Vinyl   Acetate/Ethylene/Self-Crosslinking Monomer/Acrylamide Copolymers   Having Improved Blocking Resistance", J. E. Goldstein, U.S.   Patent No. 4,814,226, March 21, 1989. "Amide/Blocked Aldehyde   Functional Monomers-Synthesis and Chemistry", R. K. Pinschmidt,   Jr., W. F. Burgoyne, D. D. Dixon, J. E. Goldstein, ACS Symp. Ser.   1988, 367 (Cross-linked Polym.) 453-66. "Amide/Blocked Aldehyde   Functional Monomers-Crosslinkable Substrate Reactive Copolymers",   R. K. Pinschmidt, Jr., G. Davidowich, W. F. Burgoyne, D. D.   Dixon, J. E. Goldstein, ACS Symp. Sers. 1988,367 (Cross-linked   Polym.), 467-78.

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