Gwen Gross - G. M. Gross, V. R. Reid, R.E. Synovec, "Recent Advances in Instrumentation for Gas Chromatography", Current Analytical Chemistry, 1(2), 2005, 135-147. Invited peer reviewed review

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): G. M. Gross, V. R. Reid, R.E. Synovec,   "Recent Advances in Instrumentation for Gas Chromatography",   Current Analytical Chemistry, 1(2), 2005, 135-147. Invited peer   reviewed review. G.M. Gross, J.W. Grate, R.E. Synovec, "The   Development of Novel Gas Chromatographic Stationary Phases Using   Monolayer Protected Gold Nanoparticles for Application in   High-Speed and Multi-Dimensional Gas Chromatographic   Separations", J. Chromatogr. A, 1060, 2004, 225-236. Invited peer   reviewed, J. J. Kirkland special issue. G.M. Gross, B.J. Prazen,   J.W. Grate, R.E. Synovec, "High-Speed Gas Chromatography using   Synchronized Dual-Valve Injection" Anal. Chem., 76, 2004,   3517-3524. "Metal Nanoparticles Protected with Monolayers:   Applications for Chemical Vapor Sensing and Gas   Chromatography,"J. W. Grate, D. A. Nelson, R. Skaggs, R. E.   Synovec and G. M. Gross, Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and   Nanotechnology, Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, ISBN:   0-8247-4797-6, 2004, pp. 1859-1867. Invited, peer reviewed   chapter. "Evaluating the Potential for Release of Carbon   Nanotubes and Subsequent Occupational Exposure During Processing   of a Nanocomposite" A. Gupta, D.J. Gaspar, M.G. Yost, G.M. Gross,   P.E. Rempes, M.L. Clark and J.C. Martin JC, 2nd Annual Safer Nano   Conference, Eugene, OR, 2007. "Manufacturing Concerns for the   Health and Safety of Nanomaterials in Aerospace" as part of   Health, Safety and Risk Management of Nanomaterials Panel, SAMPE   Fall Technical Conference and Exhibition, Dallas, TX, November   6-9, 2006. "PHASED: a Compact, Sensitive and Fast Micro Gas   Analyzer" U. Bonne, T. Rezachek, T. Marta, K. Johnson, R.   Higashi, J. Detry, J. Grate, G. Gross, C. Herring, B. Prazen, R.   Synovec, 3rd TSA-ATF Microsensor Workshop, The ASU Kerr Center,   Scottsdale, AZ, 19-22 April 2004.

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