Timur Gungor - PUBLICATIONS Metallation regioselective en serie pyridinique: synthEse originale d"amino-2 aroyl-3 pyridines. T. Gungor, F. Marsais, G. Queguiner. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 1981, 215, 139-150

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): PUBLICATIONS Metallation regioselective en   serie pyridinique: synthEse originale d"amino-2 aroyl-3   pyridines. T. Gungor, F. Marsais, G. Queguiner. Journal of   Organometallic Chemistry, 1981, 215, 139-150.   Ortho-Functionnalisation of Aminopyridines; Regioselective   Lithiation of 3-Pyvaloy-laminopyridines. T. Gungor, F. Marsais,   G. Queguiner. Synthesis, 1982, 6, 499-500. Regioselective   Synthesis and Applications of an bromo pyridine carbanion.   Opening of the pyridine ring resulting from Nucleophilic Attack.   F. Marsais, B. Laperdrix, T. Gungor, M. Mallet, G. Queguiner.   Journal of Chemical Research (S), 1982, 278-279. Journal of   Chemical Research (M), 1982, 2863-2878. Improved Synthesis of   2,3-disubstituted pyridines by metallation of 2-chloropyridine: a   convenient route to fused polyheterocycles. F. Trecourt, F.   Marsais, T. Gungor, G. Queguiner. Journal of The Chemical Society   Perkin Transactions I, 1990, 2409-2415. Cardiotonic Agents.   Synthesis and cardiovascular properties of novel 2-aryl   benzimidazoles and azabenzimidazoles. T. Gungor, A. Fouquet, J.   M. Teulon, D. Provost, M. Cazes and A. Cloarec. Journal of   Medicinal Chemistry, 1992, 35, 4455-4463. Synthesis and aldose   reductase inhibitory activity of N-(Quinolinyl Thiocarbonyl)   glycine derivatives. E. NicolaI, T. Gungor, J. Goyard, G. Cure,   A. Fouquet, J.M. Teulon, C. Delchambre, and A. Cloarec. Eur. J.   Med. Chem. 1993, 28, 977-984. N6-Substituted Adenosine Receptor   Agonists. Synthesis and Pharmacological Activity as Potent   Antinociceptive Agents. T. Gungor, P. Malabre, J. M. Teulon, F.   Camborde, J. Meignen, F. Hertz, A. Virone-Oddos, F. Caussade, and   A. Cloarec. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 1994, 37, 4307-4316.   New synthesis of 1-Substituted 3-(2-aminoethyl)indoles T. Gungor,   P. Malabre, J.M. Teulon. Synth. Comm. 1994, 24 (16), 2247-2256.   The Ability of Statins to Inhibit Bone Resorption is Directly   Related to Their Inhibitory Effect on HMG-CoA Reductase Activity   Ada Staal, Jul

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