Latchmi Singh - Degradable plastics in the marketplace

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  Singh, L.C. (2008). Degradable plastics in   the marketplace. Unpublished master's thesis for Master's   degree, University of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad.


  This project was designed to determine the consumer’s response to   degradable plastics in the marketplace by (1) investigating their   willingness to use degradable plastic products and (2)   determining if the offer of certain incentives would encourage   their willingness to use degradable plastic products.

       It was found that at least 63% of the   population of consumers of plastic products in Trinidad and   Tobago are willing to use degradable plastic products without the   influence of incentives, primarily because of a shared a concern   for the environment and an appreciation of the perceived   environmental damages that non-degradable plastics cause. A   general lack of concern and a lack of understanding about   degradable plastic as a product, including its properties,   applications and mechanisms of degradation in the environment   were listed by the remaining 37% of the population as the reasons   for the resistance of degradable plastics in the local   marketplace. It was determined however that these consumers could   be encouraged to use degradable plastic products by a combination   of one or more of the same factors which have been found to drive   international markets for degradable products: (1) an awareness   of the impacts of plastics in the evironment and the   environmental benefits that could be derived from using   degradable plastics, (2) competitive pricing of degradable   plastics with ‘traditional’ non-degradable ones, (3) an assurance   of the end product quality and performance of degradable plastic   products compared to ‘traditional’ non-degradable ones, and/or   (4) the ease with which degradable plastic products could be made   available and accessible to the consumer.

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