Sean Garrett-Roe - Purely absorptive three-dimensional infrared spectroscopy (3D-IR)

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  Garrett-Roe, S. and Hamm, P. J. Chem. Phys.  130, 164510 (2009).


  We demonstrate a method to collect purely absorptive   three-dimensional fifth-order vibrational spectra (3D-IR) on the   model system CO2 in H2O. The 6 beam interferometer is described,   as well as a method to experimentally determine the phase of the   3D spectrum. The measured spectra agree very well with   simulations of the data based on the cumulant expansion. There   are five peaks corresponding to different paths up and down the   vibrational ladder; their positions, signs, and amplitudes agree   with theoretical predictions. Based on the agreement between the   simulations and measurements, we conclude that cascaded lower   order signals contribute negligibly to the observed signal.

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